If you are a serious photographer, you will most likely have some ideas of monitor calibration and what it means. Basically, monitors need to be calibrated so that the colour you see on your screen is representative of what comes out the printer. That is why monitor calibrators are an essential tool for photo editing and printing, but they come with a price tag, and are often quite tricky to set up. During many years of photo printing, we have noticed that many photographers decide not to even bother trying it. If you ever plan to print your photo or to see your picture on someone else’s monitor you should take a few steps. The good news is that calibrating your Mac monitor is super easy, and your system settings work more accurately than any monitor calibrators such as Spyder series or X-Rite ColorMunki. All you need is take these steps: 1- Go to System Preferences 2- Click on “Displays” 3- Select “Color” 4- Click on “Calibrate…” 5- Click “Continue” 6- Target Gamma select “Gamma 1.8” 7- (very important!) Target White Point select “D50” “Warm yellowish white – standard for graphic arts work. 8- Click “Continue” Give the new setting a name, save it and use it as your default Display profile. You are ready to go, now what you see on your monitor is the closest colour to what will be printed for most printers.