Photo Restoration & Retouching Services

Expertly Restoring Your Faded Memories and Reviving the Beauty of Your Precious Photos

Photos have this incredible gift of crystallizing a special moment in time and letting us hold onto it forever. However, we all have experienced how these heirlooms fade and wear overtime. If you have photos in need of restoration, retouching, colourization, or repair. With our state of the art digital tools and master artists, we can repair any kind of damage. Whether it’s a tear, a crease, water or mold damage, fading, or even if your photo is in pieces, we will restore it to it’s former glory.

Choose the option that suits you best: visit our store, mail your photo, or use our online upload feature. We make the restoration process hassle-free, so you can relive those cherished moments.

Photo Colour Restoration

Restoring old photos colour at ABC Fine ART

As you can see through this example, your photo will be digitized and brought back to its original appearance. Restored pictures also make for a unique and personalized gift. There’s little else that can provide someone the fulfillment of nostalgia then that of a timeless photo.

You’ll be amazed at what we can do with a photo you thought was jeopardized by physical damage. This detail shows how badly this old photo was decayed.

Old Faded Photo Restoration

Old photo restoration at ABC Fine ART

With the age of digital technology we can give new life to your precious memories of family and friends. After we have successfully restored your photo we would be more then happy to provide you with our immaculate printing services either on fine art paper, photo paper or canvas. Additionally, we can take your print and help you build a custom frame that will perfectly embellish your piece. As you can see, we’re your one stop shop for all of these needs.

Pricing for Photo Restoration

We require viewing the specific photo you are looking to restore to give you a relative price estimate based on time needed. As mentioned, you can either take a picture or scan your photo and email it to us at: [email protected].

Contact number:
Email address:
Print size:
Medium: eg. canvas, fine art paper, photo paper, etc.

Note: With our restoration services any photo smaller than 8X10 is scanned professionally in store free of charge (value $45)