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Welcome to ABC Fine ART, your trusted partner for professional art scanning and digitization services. With our expertise in fine art scanning and advanced technologies like the Cruse scanner, we excel in preserving the integrity and beauty of your artwork. From artwork scanning to fine art scanning and large format scanning in Vancouver, we provide comprehensive services tailored to your needs.

Our team of skilled professionals, with technical and artistic backgrounds, understands the importance of quality and accuracy in art reproduction. Through meticulous scanning processes, we capture the finest details and textures of your artwork, delivering sharp, high-resolution images that truly represent your original pieces.

Experience the advantages of our professional art scanning services. Trust ABC Fine ART to elevate your artwork to new heights. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover the difference our expertise can make.

Professional Art Scanning: Watercolour Paintings

Scanning watercolour paintings in Vancouver at ABC Fine ART

Do-it-yourself scanning of watercolour paintings is notoriously difficult, which is why professional artwork scanning services are often sought after. Most watercolour pigments are transparent and watercolour paper is designed to reflect light back through the paint, which makes it challenging to reproduce an image akin to its original. The best scanners for artwork can sometimes fall short when trying to capture these subtle details.

For most normal scanners, it is near impossible to pick up the subtleties of light washes especially when you are employing a heavily transparent style with minimal paint layers. Areas left white or with light washes will appear blown out and can alter the surrounding colours. Moreover, watercolour papers appear white relative to our eyes, but they actually contain colour. When your watercolour artwork is getting scanned, the paper grain will most likely show a lot more than in reality, hence the need for fine art scanning.

With our advanced lighting systems and high DPI for scanning artwork, we capture a texture free image from your watercolour painting that is precise with nearly identical colours. On any textured watercolour paper, we can capture and digitize your painting to the finest detail possible. This artwork digitization process is meticulous and thorough, aiming to preserve your artwork’s original charm and character.

The digitized artwork can then be used for creating artwork prints or for safe digital storage. The reproduction can then be printed on any art paper, in turn becoming a new artwork in and of itself.

WARNING! A watercolour painting should not be rolled into a scanner because it will likely result in damage, therefore we don’t recommend roll-in systems. Instead, opt for flatbed scanners for art or professional large format art scanning services that can handle watercolour paintings without causing any harm. Consider looking for “artwork scanning services near me” to find local experts who can assist with scanning your precious artwork at home or in a professional setting.

Professional Fine Art Scanning: Canvas Oil Paintings

Scanning canvas oil paintings in Vancouver at ABC Fine ART

Many artists who engage in large format oil painting use thick paint layers to create physical texture. Given that oil-based paintings need extensive drying time to fully cure, scanning artwork of this nature requires specialized expertise. Even when the surface appears dry, paint can still be soft underneath. Overworking an oil painting physically can lead to a polished or cracked hardened area, depending on the age and dryness of the elements.

Our artwork scanning services address these issues meticulously, offering a safe capturing method without touching the paint surface, an aspect that separates us from other artwork scanning services near me. Utilizing a specialty lighting technique and the best scanners for artwork, we precisely replicate all textures of the painting. This professional art scanning process is akin to fine art scanning, where every nuance and texture is carefully captured.

Remember, it’s crucial not to attempt rolling oil paintings into roll-in systems, which could potentially cause harm. Instead, opt for our advanced services that involve scanning artwork at home or in our facilities, ensuring the original art piece’s integrity and beauty is preserved in the digital reproduction.

Artwork Digitization: Scanning Acrylic Paintings

Scanning acrylic paintings in Vancouver at ABC Fine ART

Acrylic paintings, despite their sturdy nature compared to oil paintings, require a sensitive handling approach during the artwork scanning process. This delicate task can be achieved using a large format flatbed scanner, such as our premium CRUSE Scanner, renowned for its fine art scanning capabilities.

Acrylic artworks also benefit from the skills of an experienced still life photographer who possesses advanced knowledge of post-editing and lighting. This process necessitates high-resolution imaging and specialized lighting equipment for optimal artwork digitization.

When dealing with large-scale canvases, these can be professionally photographed in a studio under quality lighting, sometimes in sections, before being digitally stitched together to generate the best possible reproduction, a process that mimics large format art scanning.

Please note: Acrylic paintings on canvas or wood panel cannot be scanned using drum scanners. Such scanners require the image to be mounted on a cylinder which isn’t ideal for these types of art.

WARNING! Acrylic paintings should not be subjected to the scanning processes used in a typical print shop with a copy printer/scanner or even a blueprint scanner, as these can damage your painting. Instead, trust professional art scanning services for your artwork’s preservation and digitization.

Fine Art Scanning: Safely Digitizing Pastel Paintings +[PLUS]

Scanning pastel paintings in Vancouver at ABC Fine ART

Many artworks, especially delicate pastel paintings, risk damage when placed on a typical scanner’s surface. Even with professional colourless fixative to prevent smudging, contact scanning methods can still harm your pastel artwork. The best scanners for artwork, like our premium CRUSE Scanner, are designed with these considerations in mind.

Capturing your pastel painting can be achieved by an experienced still life photographer or, ideally, through a non-contact flatbed table scanner such as ours. This large format art scanning solution can accommodate any artwork up to 44×72 inches without touching the painting surface, a critical factor when dealing with pastels.

Even during framing, it’s crucial to ensure that the pastel artwork does not come into contact with the glass.

WARNING! Pastel paintings should never be scanned with a roll-in scanner, a high drum scanner, or a flatbed scanner with a glass surface, as these can damage the artwork. Always opt for professional art scanning services to ensure the safe digitization of your artwork.

Artwork Digitization: Scanning Drawing Artwork Safely

Scanning drawing artwork in Vancouver at ABC Fine ART

Scanning drawings, be it coloured pencil or graphite, presents its own set of challenges. Lighter lines and values can be easily lost, and sometimes it’s necessary to eliminate the paper texture during the artwork scanning process. The apparent white colour of paper, which actually contains colour, can interfere with the white balance.

Key to this process is ensuring that the artwork surface is not touched. A large format flatbed scanner, like our CRUSE Scanner, is the best scanner for artwork of this nature. It enables us to capture a texture-free, precise image of your drawing with nearly identical lines and values.

Camera scanning methods can also provide a sharp, high-resolution digital file, provided it’s executed professionally by an experienced still life photographer in a controlled lighting environment – a process akin to fine art scanning.

WARNING! Drawings should never be in contact with any surface. They should not be scanned with a small flatbed scanner, as this requires the artwork to face down on a glass surface. Blueprint scanners with pinch roll-in systems should also be avoided, as these can damage the artwork. Always opt for professional art scanning services to ensure your drawings’ safe and accurate digitization.

Scanning Paintings As Large as 8 Feet

We are determined to deliver high resolution digital files for the purpose of producing a precise archival print, also called ‘Giclee Reproductions’. No matter how large your piece is, we capture every detail right down to the finest brush stroke. Our professional scanning service enables us to reproduce an array of sizes, textures and shapes; we can scan artwork up to 8×8 feet! Thereafter, we are enthusiastic to offer our state of the art printing services to complete the reproduction process. Come visit us today for outstanding results in your fine art scanning and printing needs.

How to Drop Off Artwork or Objects for Scanning with Our CRUSE Scanner

Learn about our simple and hassle-free drop off process for high-quality digital reproductions.

  1. Prepare your artwork and objects: Ensure your items are properly labeled and packaged to prevent any damage during transport.
  2. Fill out our online form: To streamline the process, please fill out our online form with the details of your job at link blow. Include information about your artwork and objects, their exact sizes, and any other relevant details.
  3. Drop off: We offer flexible drop-off options to suit your schedule. Once you've completed the form, feel free to visit us anytime during our open hours from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6 pm. Rest assured, your materials will be kept safe and secure while we work on scanning them.
  4. Receive files: Once the scanning process is complete, we will send you an email with a link to download your high-quality digital reproductions.
  5. Pick up your originals: You can collect your artwork immediately from our store after receiving and downloading your files.

Join countless satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits of high-quality digital reproductions with our state-of-the-art CRUSE scanner technology. Elevate your Art, Decor and Design projects with our assistance!

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