Modern Wall Art: Seamless Aluminum Mounted Print

A Top Choice for Photographers & Designers

With aluminum mounting, you can go beyond the standard paper print and embrace a refined medium to showcase photography, illustrative arts and graphic designs. Landscapes and portraits images can benefit tremendously from aluminum mounted prints. Your image is inkjet printed in Ultra-HD resolution on a high quality photo paper, mounted onto an aluminum panel and finished with a matte laminate. The lamination offers protection from UV lights, oil, dust, scratches and provides an evenly lit surface that don’t distract from reflective lights. Aluminum mounted prints display beautifully with a hanging system that emanates a seamless floating effect. Shipping across Canada and US, starting at $54.60

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Prints available up to 42×98 inch and fulfill in 4-7 business days. Printed with a wide tonal range for high definition, luminous highlights and colour vibrancy with a professional look. Finished with a UV resistant matte laminate that offers protection from oil, dust, and scratches. This print is ideal for high foot traffic environments such as hotels, restaurants, universities, offices or malls.

Aluminum mount photo printing

Original Photo Paper Prints - Mounted on Aluminum Panel

Our aluminum mount is a dreamy, new age way to display your finest prints. At ABC Fine ART your image is printed onto premium glossy photo paper. We then mount it onto a 1/8″ raw aluminum composite panel and laminate it with a matte finish to create an Ultra-HD product. This method ensures a wide colour gamut and high resolution so that your image is full of flair. Although the colour appears more subdued than sublimation, it offers an aesthetic that is soft and alluring – like a pleasant dream. If you’re looking for the in-thing to decorate your space, an aluminum print will do just the trick. Up to date wall art is certain to charm your clientele and guests. This current form of printing is simply dazzling. 

If you are looking for a low profile, modern style this is the product for you. The perfectly flat 1/8 aluminum feels solid and definitive. It’s weight alone makes you feel like you are holding something important and of substance. It is ideal for anyone looking to update their interior design space. Order an aluminum mount print directly from our website now and have in your hands to display in 5 business days.

Image Requirements

Your image is printed best and your order is processed quicker if you check your print files before sending your order by following this check list. If you are not familiar with any of these, don't worry we can always check them for you:

image cropped to size with an overlap of extra .25 inch on each side
image resolution is either 360 dpi, 300 dpi, 240, 120 or 100 dpi as the lowest acceptable resolution
colour profile Adobe RGB, other sRGB and CMYK are accepted but not preferred
file format PSD, TIFF, PDF, PNG or JPEG
image checked for lens chromatic aberration
image checked for camera sensor dust spots
image checked for colour noise
sharpness is adjusted at the very end for a clear print result

Displaying Aluminum Mounted Print

This product comes ready to hang! To augment the dream like feel of our aluminum mount, we complete it with an aluminum ⅝” c-bar protrusion on the backside of the mount. This offers a hanging feature that makes the image appear as if it were floating magically in space.

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Aluminum Mounted Print Specifications

  • Great for high quality photographic prints in dense commercial areas
  • Printed with large format UHD inkjet printer
  • Matte lamination softens image and offers protection
  • Built reliably for exhibition purposes
  • Available in sizes from 8″x12″ up to 42″x98″
  • Mounted on quality iBond aluminum panel
  • Aluminum C-bar hanging extrusions for a floating effect
  • Made ready to hang
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