Exhibition Quality: Acrylic Facemount Print

Seamless Modern Art

Your photo is printed on a glossy photo paper, which is then mounted on a 2.3 mm clear acrylic panel. Light rays travel across the glass and reach the print surface, reflecting non-scattered saturated colours and rich dark tones. This product is finished with an aluminum composite panel for durability and a clean aesthetic. Complimentary for architectural elements like concrete walls, exposed metal beams, large glazed surfaces and sophisticated wood floors. Starting at $72.10

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If you’re making decisions for your corporate interior design space, whether that be an office, condo or hotel, this is an optimal print choice for a modern look. Your photos and designs will be brought to life with the incredible tonal separation inherent to our choice media. We print your image onto high-end metallic or glossy paper, which is face mounted onto the back of a water clear acrylic sheet. Every facemount is finished with a secure, multi-layered aluminum backing that protects your photo print. This solution has proven durability whilst maintaining the product’s lightweight nature. Edges are finely finished to perfection. Add tremendous depth to any image with our acrylic facemount.

Ready to Hang – The Ultimate Facemount Display

Our sleek 5⁄8” aluminum C-Bar extrusions are attached to the back of the acrylic art (inset and hidden from sight) and once hung gives you the illusion that the image is floating off the wall. Order yours online today and decorate your space in no time! Starting at $72.10

Image Requirements

Your image is printed best and your order is processed quicker if you check your print files before sending your order by following this check list. If you are not familiar with any of these, don't worry we can always check them for you:

image cropped to size with an overlap of extra .25 inch on each side
image resolution is either 360 dpi, 300 dpi, 240, 120 or 100 dpi as the lowest acceptable resolution
colour profile Adobe RGB, other sRGB and CMYK are accepted but not preferred
file format PSD, TIFF, PDF, PNG or JPEG
image checked for lens chromatic aberration
image checked for camera sensor dust spots
image checked for colour noise
sharpness is adjusted at the very end for a clear print result

Our Acrylic Print Features

Ideal medium for high end design, photography and imaging on your valuable wall space.

  • 3mm and 6mm optically clear, framing grade acrylic glass
  • Long lasting aluminum panel for a secure backing
  • Large format and custom sizes available up to 42 x 96 inches
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Personalize Your Walls With a Modern Look

If you want a truly polished way to showcase your select images, the acrylic photo print will exceed your expectations. This medium is gaining popularity in the industry because of its unique quality to really make colours pop! It is referred to by several descriptors – you may have heard acrylic face or photo mount and acrylic called by its general name, plexiglass. Professional designers, marketers and photographers alike are employing acrylic facemounts to appeal to a new age, urban environment. Additionally the vibrancy and colour permanence characteristics make the investment worthwhile.

  • Great for high quality photography prints in corporate and commercial spaces
  • 2.3mm water clear acrylic glass for improved colour and sharpness
  • Aluminum backing ensures protection from atmospheric degradation
  • Paper brightness: 81%
  • Paper whiteness: 95%
  • Paper thickness: 10.5 mil
  • Front adhesive: optically clear, 1mil (25µ) film
  • Inkset type: resin encapsulated pigments
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