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How to Digitize Your Artwork

As an artist, you make so many decisions. The end result is a sketch or painting that expresses your personal sensibility. Your art is the window to your soul. It’s a composite of your thoughts, emotions, tastes and life experiences. The key to digitizing your most beloved works of art is accessing our professional art […]

How-To Tips: Calibrate Your Mac Monitor For Photo Printing

If you are a serious photographer, you will most likely have some ideas of monitor calibration and what it means. Basically, monitors need to be calibrated so that the colour you see on your screen is representative of what comes out the printer. That is why monitor calibrators are an essential tool for photo editing and […]

How-To Tips: Preparing Photos For Large Format Fine Art Photo Prints

At ABC Fine ART, we’re passionate about producing the finest quality prints of your work. We’re happy offer free consultation and assistance to ensure you have the best possible image quality before you print with us.

How-To Tips: Conservation and Archival Framing

Vasily Kandinsky - Composition VII - 1913

It is important to use conservation and archival frame matting techniques when framing your artwork. This is the procedure your masterpiece will go through at ABC Fine ART. We use only the highest quality and archival processing when framing your art, replicating how most museums frame and conserve their artwork. First we attach the backing to […]