Our Custom Picture Framing Collections – OVER 100 STYLES

With hundreds of quality frame mouldings to choose from, we are able to provide each customer with an attractive and impeccable framing design. Choose our trusted custom framing shop today and we’ll create the perfect frame for your artwork, photograph or other treasured object. We curate our picture framing collections with the utmost care, to reflect the latest designer trends. Here are a few of our most popular collections:


Looking for that simple edge? We have sleek mouldings to compliment your chic decor. If you are drawn to neutral elements that are smooth and geometric or want to make your picture pop with bold colour, we can help you.


If you’re feeling enchanted by your latest trip to Europe and want to recreate that style in your own home, come have a consultation with us. Sophistication and antiquity can be found in our selection of classic mouldings that leave you with an essence of timelessness.


Designing a nature inspired space that calls for something rugged? This environment can quickly be achieved with a live wooden moulding or warm, earthy tones. We can help you to bring the outside world into your living room. Mouldings available in forest friendly FSC approved material.


If your design is for a refined, formal setting, a touch of metal could be just right. We have a variety of carefully selected frames for this finish. These are also an ideal choice for posters, dramatic black and white photography and new age artwork.