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Discover Our Photo Restoration Services

vintage photo restoration

Old family photographs have enormous charm and significant sentimental value. They are symbols of family heritage. However, these types of pictures are often damaged by the passage of time, by dust and debris, or by the elements. Our photo restoration specialists know how to bring back the beauty of old photos. They use the latest […]

How-To Tips: Calibrate Your Mac Monitor For Photo Printing

If you are a serious photographer, you will most likely have some ideas of monitor calibration and what it means. Basically, monitors need to be calibrated so that the colour you see on your screen is representative of what comes out the printer. That is why monitor calibrators are an essential tool for photo editing and […]

Rosemary Wallace

Rosemary Wallace is a visual artist, musician and poet. She is extremely passionate about the arts and sharing her creativity through her own art and teaching. She teaches in a variety of beginner and intermediate art classes in mixed media, mural creations , acrylic and graphite.  She also teaches flute. Rosemary has been very active […]

How-To Tips: Preparing Photos For Large Format Fine Art Photo Prints

At ABC Fine ART, we’re passionate about producing the finest quality prints of your work. We’re happy offer free consultation and assistance to ensure you have the best possible image quality before you print with us.

Toby Malek – Artist and Thinker

Toby Malek is a versatile artist and thinker. He employs a variety of media from paint to video and installation art. He studied under Professor Weibel, an internationally recognized media artist and media art theorist in Austria. In 2003, Toby received his Masters Degree in Art from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Being […]

Now’s the Time to Learn Photography

Textured Artwork Scanned Samples-0

There’s never been a better time to pursue your passion for photography. Whether you’re dreaming of a career or eager to explore the camera’s endless creative possibilities, today’s tools and tech make photography both budget friendly and easy to learn. Once you have read this blog post, you may want to check out this excellent […]

Child’s Photos On Canvas

Kids Photo on Canvas

Have you ever wondered how you can get school photos, pictures with santa or even just professional photos of your children onto canvas? At ABC Fine ART you can simply email us your picture or upload it to our website, we take care of the rest. As a present, a canvas printed photo would be […]