Our top of the line, vacuum table CRUSE scanner is optimal for fine art reproduction and archival documents, which can be scanned with or without glass printing. The synchronous table method of the scanner is groundbreaking technology, capable of digitizing artworks and other materials of the highest quality. The original is placed on a table during the scanning process and is guided under the line-scan digital camera with minimal load. In turn, it simultaneously detects height and colour. The quality achieved thus far exceeds that produced by any conventional flatbed scanner.

Valuable archival documents such as paintings, historical documents, old maps and blueprints, delicate certificates, textiles and countless other objects are scanned without the risk of damaging given its contactless nature.

Scanned hand-crafted guitar with CRUSE Scanner at ABC Fine ART

This unique scanning system was designed with the distinct ability to digitise 2D and 3D objects including, but not limited to, wooden models,ceramics, wallpaper, textiles, blueprints and historic submittals. With a specialization in high-end scans for industry design, furniture, laminates and many other applications, the CRUSE is outstandingly one of a kind.

The CRUSE scanner can process originals up to 48” x 72”, with a depth of up to 10”. These scanners are most often used for reflective scanning of artworks such as oil and acrylic paintings and drawings. Featuring a fixed light source and scan head, coupled with a moving vacuum table, CRUSE Synchron Table scanners have unmatched sharpness. With maximum flexibility of lighting, the dynamic range is ideal for fine art and decor reproduction.

CRUSE Scanner Features:

    1. Non-contact scanning for objects of up to 10” thickness
    2. Variable resolution
    3. Scan table loadable with up to 300 kg
    4. Original holder: 48″ x 72″ vacuum board
    5. Max resolution: 10,000×15,000 pixels
Scanned hand-crafted guitar with CRUSE Scanner at ABC Fine ART
Cruse scanning Vancouver

Artist: Diana Izdebski | Size: 36×48 inches | Resolution: 300 dpi