Cruse scanner As an artist, you make so many decisions. The end result is a sketch or painting that expresses your personal sensibility. Your art is the window to your soul. It’s a composite of your thoughts, emotions, tastes and life experiences. The key to digitizing your most beloved works of art is accessing our professional art scanning service today. At ABC Fine Art, we are pleased and proud to help out artists in Vancouver and surrounding areas, by scanning their sketches and paintings for competitive rates. We love seeing what local artists are up to. It’s a joy to behold the talent and inventiveness of our most creative customers. If you’re an artist and you want a best-quality digital image of your artwork, you should know that we offer art scanning Vancouver services. We use a high-tech Cruse scanner which produces the truest colors…and reveals an astonishing level of fine detail. Once we scan your work and provide you with an ultra-HD digital image, you may use the digital image at your website or on social media. Your digital image will also come in handy when you want to make prints of your work for commercial purposes. We perform fine art printing Vancouver on photo paper or archival canvas, so you’ll find that we provide one-stop shopping. Once you have a digital image of your work, you may upload it at our website to get an archival canvas or photo paper print. Our online ordering system is so easy to use.   Ambitious artists need to market themselves. To market themselves effectively, they need superb digital images of their work. When it comes to producing superb digital images, our Cruse scanner really delivers. This scanner is light-years ahead of basic scanners. It’s on a whole other plateau in terms of delivering true colors and amazing resolution. About Our Cruse Scanner Our Cruse Scanner comes from Germany. It was manufactured according to our specific requirements, with the needs and wants of local artists in mind. Cruse is the global gold standard for scanning and reproduction of large format paintings and photographs. These scanners are available in thirty countries.The Cruse scanner head and lens may be adjusted by height for varying levels of resolution. After we scan your work, you may want it reproduced on canvas or fine art paper. We offer printing services. We use state-of-the-art Epson technology to create fine art and photo reproductions of archival quality. Our 64” printer is designed for fine art, high-production photographic and indoor display graphics printing. It is ideal for wide format, black-and-white fine art printmaking and wide format high-production printing in color. Whether you need a single print or more, we will be able to provide you with quality which enhances your reputation as an artist. No job is too big or small, so why not get your creative work printed today? How to Get Started To get your precious work of art digitized, come and see us, or give us a call to discuss your needs. Our non-contact artwork scanning service includes colour correction and adjustments.