Digital reproduction

Professional Scanning Services

Contactless scanning artwork, objects and photos

ABC Fine ART prides itself in delivering professional scanning services to their valuable clients that look for quality and precision. Located on the border of Burnaby and Vancouver, our scanning services span from artwork to valuable historic-archive documents to old photographs to decor industry objects.

We implement a variety of high-tech scanning equipments and trade techniques for all image scanning services. Our satisfied clients and businesses include museums, archives, art galleries, artists, movie industry, decor industry, print shops and individuals preserving their valuable family photos and documents.

Our professional scanning service achieves a sharp, detailed and accurate image converted into a high-quality digital file of your original without the risk of damage.The originals are captured without illumination problems or surface handling. Ideal for art reproduction, press print, large format print, film and tv production, digital presentation, archives and much more.

Contactless Scanning Artwork

Our scanning technique has been developed for the special requirements in art reproduction. It has customarily proven to be the best solution for the collection of artworks we receive from watercolours, oil and acrylic paintings, graphic collections, collages, sculptures, and mixed media up to 10” high (thickness).

Museums, Archives & Libraries

Our vacuum table CRUSE scanner is particularly suitable for archival documents, which can be scanned with or without glass printing. The synchronous table method of the scanner is like no other technology, capable of digitizing artworks and archival materials to the highest quality. Valuable archival documents are scanned without the risk of damaging.

Decor Industry Specialization

With a load capacity of 300 KG, our CRUSE scanner offers the best solution for the high-end digital recording of materials for flooring, furniture, ceramics or even wallpaper. Our scanned files reproduce the same look and texture as the original material, no matter what printing technology that is used thereafter.

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