The answers to the questions that we have had about fine art printing

FAQ – Scanning Services

Our CRUSE Scanner can scan one piece of 4×6 feet, (48×72 inch or 122×182 cm)

Our wall scanner can reach up to 8×8 feet (96×96 inch or 240×240 cm

No, you can drop in anytime during our opening hours however you can call us in advance to ensure your scheduling.

Absolutely, we scan and ship it back to you. Customer pays for shipping costs.

We require 3-5 business days for your order to be complete; we DO NOT carry out same day jobs for scanning. In turn, you must leave your original with us for that period of time. However, there are exceptions for highly valuable pieces of artwork or documents (museum standards) that can’t be outside of a specialized casing for more than 24 hours. For same day scans regarding valuable artwork please ask for our different chart of pricing.

Using our CRUSE Scanner, our scanning service includes color adjustment and print preparation. It doesn’t include photoshop editings such as background removal or advanced editing.

  • Up to 8.5×11 inch ONLY $45 (was $75*)

  • Up to 18×24 inch ONLY $99 (was $118*)

  • Up to 24×36 inch ONLY $120 (was $165*)

  • Up to 48×48 inch ONLY $180 (was $240*)

Variable handling fees may apply to some fragile documents or valuable artwork!

*Already special price, no additional discounts can be applied! 

All artwork are handled individually, there is no extra discounts on scanning services.

With the techniques we use here at ABC Fine ART, we can capture even the smallest details of your image, including textures.

We use a calibrated lighting setup when capturing an image of your artwork or objects. Then we bring the image to the computer were we then color match and correct for optimal colour.

A proof print on luster photo paper 8×10” of your scanned artwork can be purchased for an additional $17.50

At ABC Fine ART we are incredibly diligent with our customers’ artwork. We use methods that do not require us to touch or flatten your artwork to avoid damaging it in any way, however, we would recommend insuring your artwork.

You can bring your artwork in person to our Burnaby location or mailed. Please allow five business days after receiving your artwork. We strongly recommend insuring your artwork before sending it.

FAQ – Giclée‎ Printing

For online orders, we accept JPG and PNG files only. To submit any other formats, please upload the imagery to a file sharing service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., and email us the link. Files uploaded through this website are recommended to have a resolution of 360 or 240 DPI, an 8-bit colour depth, and feature an embedded sRGB colour profile. If you don’t know what any of that means, then just leave it to us! Your uploaded images will, of course, be automatically checked to match the requirements of your desired print.

This is the most common issue with online print orders. We only adjust your image file if you ask for this service otherwise it’s printed as is. Computer screens are often very bright, meaning photo prints may appear darker or less colourful in comparison. Screens also are set to the cooler tone of white balance as a default which can make colours more vibrant on your display, but prints are based on natural white balance which has a warmer appearance, so colours will slightly alter during printing. If you are a photographer or an artist, you might have heard about monitor colour calibration. If you are not familiar with colour calibration, we recommend to bring your file in person to our Burnaby location and ask us for advice before placing your order online.

While both pixels and bytes refer to the sizes of digital objects, they measure completely different things. MegaPixels measure the size of digital images, sensors and displays. MegaBytes measure the size of digital files (such as photos, documents, etc).

MP (megapixels) Resolution – MB (megabyte) File Size

Your file must be at least 0.4 megapixels (for example, 700×700 pixels), but shall be no more than 41 megapixels. Depending on the aspect ratio of your image, the maximum width: 6400 px. maximum height: 6400 px.

These are examples of file resolutions for standard aspect ratios:

Square — 25,000×25,000 pixels
3:2 — 30,600×20,400 pixels
4:3 — 28,850×21,650 pixels
19:6 — 33,300×18,750 pixels
4:1 Panorama — 50,000×12,500 pixels