Print On Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster

Portraits & Wedding Photographs

To print your photos like a pro, choose our print on photo paper Ultra Premium Luster. This photo print is ideal for portraits, black and white images and wedding photographs. This high-performing print, features a pearl finish (Luster E surface), just like conventional silver halide prints that is reminiscent of traditional resin coated papers used in darkrooms. It reproduces the deepest of black tones with a wide colour gamut. Order your prints online today and display or sell your images with confidence! Shipping across Canada and US. Starting at $14

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Printable sizes up to 60×120 inches, all our paper prints are fulfilled in 2-3 business days. Prints on photo paper luster produce vivid images that are evocative of traditional darkroom prints, with high saturation, and maximum ink coverage.

Ideal for portrait photographers looking to accurately resemble their subjects in exhibition.

Exceeding Exhibition Standards

Portrait and wedding photographers choose our photo prints on luster paper for the most professional results as it is one of our highest-performing photo papers. It features a semi-gloss finish, pearl surface (Luster E surface) that produces vivid, lifelike images with accurate skin-tone and shadow detail, just like conventional silver halide prints. Photo print on luster reproduces the deepest black tones, thanks to its high D-Max level, and it has a wide colour gamut. This print is an ideal choice for outstanding digital prints in colour and black-and-white. If you are looking for a satin finish photo print with a smooth lustre surface similar to a traditional photo lab, this is a great option for you. Usually comes up to but not limited to 44” width by any length. For larger sizes please contact us. Our luster papers have a semi-gloss, pearl surface that produces vivid, lifelike images with accurate skin-tone and shadow detail with a non-reflective finish. 

Image Requirements

Your image is printed best and your order is processed quicker if you check your print files before sending your order by following this checklist. If you are not familiar with any of these, don't worry we can always check them for you:

image cropped to size
image resolution is either 360 dpi, 300 dpi, 240, 120 or 100 dpi as the lowest acceptable resolution
colour profile Adobe RGB, sRGB and CMYK are accepted as well
file format is one of listed JPEG, TIFF, PSD, PDF or PNG
image checked for lens chromatic aberration
image checked for camera sensor dust spots
image checked for colour noise
sharpness is adjusted at the very end for a clear print result

Displaying Photo Prints

Photo prints on paper are best when framed, as this protects the print from light, dust and being damaged from general wear and tear. Although our inks are UV resistant, we recommend using Museum or Conservation Grade glass with UV protection, as this will help prevent your print from fading over time. We offer in house custom framing in our studio. Please explore our framing options and contact us for best display options.

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Photo Prints Luster Paper Specifications

  • Smooth luster surface
  • Outstanding colour reproduction
  • Blacks and white prints with even tonality
  • Excellent fade resistance
  • Basis Weight: 260 grams per square metre (g/m²)
  • Thickness: 10 mil
  • ISO brightness: 97%
  • Opacity: 97%
  • Gloss at 60°: 16
  • Base Material: Polyethylene Encapsulated Paper
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