The Freshest Trend In Home Decor Is Maximalism

home accessories metallic If you’re interested in freshening up your home decor, you should know that the most fashionable interior design trend of the moment is maximalism. This 80s-inspired way of decorating is all about overdoing it. It’s the polar opposite of minimalism. Today, we’re going to share information about what maximalism is and how to get the look with:
  • furniture in bold hues
  • wild home accessories
  • metallic design elements
  • large archival canvas prints.
If you love excess, maximalism may just be the home decor trend that you’ve been waiting for. It’s such a fun and glamorous way of decorating. Don’t Be Afraid of Bright Furniture To get this glitzy look, it’s essential to bring some strong and vibrant color into a room. For example, if you want to create a maximalist living room, go for a canary-yellow or fire engine-red sofa, or a large easy chair in electric blue. It you want a color with less edge, such as blue-gray or dusty rose, go for it, but be sure to choose luxurious upholstery fabrics, such as velvets or brocades. If you can’t afford to replace your existing living room furniture, buy bright sofa cushions to update and refresh your space. Sofa and chair slipcovers are also cost-effective options. Home Accessories Should Be a Bit Wild Are you game to put a big peacock or lion sculpture in your living room, or a huge planter covered in ultra-graphic, black-and-white polka dots? If this type of interior design wildness is appealing, maximalism will be right up your alley. Maximalist home accessories should never, ever be tame. Maximalist interior designers recommend adding a host of obscure objects . Just make sure that they never fade into the background. Add Metallic Mirrors and Tables One of the keys to getting this look right is using metallics properly. Don’t stick to one metallic. For the richest effect, combine bronze and gold in one room. A coffee or end table with a metallic finish will look amazing, especially when obscure objects with a lot of whimsy are placed on its mirror-like surface. Other options include oval or square mirrors with metallic frames, metallic light fixtures and portable bars with gold-tone or bronze-tone finishes, plus a few glass or crystal decanters with metallic caps.  Large Archival Prints Add Richness and Dimension To finish a maximalist look, just add art! A bold archival print of  masses of flowers will be an excellent choice. If you want maximum glamour, upload a digital image of a floral painting by one of the Old Masters, such as Flowers In a Vase by Renoir (1866), at our website. We are giclee printing vancouver specialists. Then, select your preferred print size (the bigger, the better, so we definitely recommend 36 X 48) and we’ll print the image on archival canvas. Since we print on canvas from any sort of digital image, we give our customers the opportunity to get creative and express themselves through their home decor. Find an image that you love online and we’ll take care of everything else. You won’t need to cover your print in glass before hanging it on a wall. It’ll look amazing just as it is. If you want a high-shine finish, consider ordering photo prints on Epson Metallic Photo Paper Glossy, which has an amazingly smooth and glossy finish. We print on this premium photo paper. If you have questions about our archival prints or anything else that we offer, please contact us today. Call or email, find us on social media or drop by our Burnaby location. We can’t wait to help you to get the trendy maximalist look.