Custom Framing Glass & Acrylic Options

Custom Framing Glass & Acrylic Options

Glass protects photos and art from dust and scratches while maintaining visibility. Certain types can also protect from humidity, heat, and UV light. Non-glare glass is also available and prevents glare and reflections. At ABC Fine ART we carry a wide variety of glass and other facings as well as a variety of plexiglas, both with anti-reflective and UV filtering coating options. Our staff will be pleased to help you pick the best protection for your all your artwork.

Framing Glass

Regular Glass: This is our standard framing glass, good for protection from scratches and dust.

Non-Glare Glass: This glass is frosted in a way that prevents light from reflecting and glaring, thereby enhancing your art and making it more visible.

UV protection Glass: This glass will protect anything you have framed from 99% of UV rays from sunlight or fluorescent light, allowing it to keep its original appearance for much longer.

Museum Grade: This is the highest grade of framing glass and it will protect your image from 99% UV damage, and is anti-reflective, which gives the glass an extremely clear finish, making the framed image as clear and crisp as possible.

Plexiglass Options

Plexiglass: This is a lighter, shatterproof version of regular glass, perfect for frames likely to be moved around a lot.

Non-Glare Plexiglas: This framing option prevents glare on your image, along with being shatterproof.

UV Non-Glare Plexiglas: This shatterproof, glass will protect your image rom 99% of UV rays even in direct sunlight, allowing it to last as long as possible and prevents the reflection of light, which would normally obscure the image.

Your choice of museum glass for your custom made frames