Framing Pastel Paintings

Conservation & Custom Picture Framing

Pastel paintings are extremely fragile so long as they are not framed, or framed inappropriately, without due care and consideration. When professionally framed, your pastels can reasonably protected from the ravages of UV damage caused by the sun and harsh fluorescent lighting, moisture damage leading to moldering and/or mildew, insect damage, and general soiling from being open to the elements. We provide exceptional care and conservation of your treasured pastel works by offering numerous solutions for their optimum conservation and exhibition. We invite you to explore our sizable, aesthetically pleasing framing selection. At ABC Fine Art, we provide quality museum grade solutions for superior protection and conservation of your work. Should our Museum grade not entirely address your unique needs, our Conservation and Exhibition solutions offer an array of choices. Our Corporate/Office solution specifically addresses the needs and concerns of this particular environment through the use of our more sturdy and dependable assemblies.

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Assistance is available for the design and selection of either your Museum, Conservation, Exhibition, and Corporate/Office framing solution.
Framing orders are fulfilled in 5-10 business days. Larger sized frames can be delivered to your location, with quotes based on destination and size. Medium and smaller sized orders can be shipped via courier service. Quotes are provided in person at our Burnaby location

Handling Pastel Paintings

Handling and framing your pastel paintings is a delicate undertaking, as they’re considerably fragile and vulnerable when poorly framed or unframed altogether. We provide the diligent care and attention that the integrity of each piece is maintained.
It’s our hands-on approach in offering custom framing solutions that sets ABC Fine Art apart. Together, we’ll choose an appropriate solution to protect and exhibit your pastels for generations to come. We offer a variety of glazing solutions, as well as acid and lingin free matting, and archival corners to ensure the preservation of the image’s quality and clarity and for many years to come.

Pastel Paintings Framing Options

We offer several framing options to compliment your taste from the complex to most simple designs. We carry a wide range of classic, modern, elegant, natural, and minimalistic design which focus on your vision and budget.

Museum Grade Picture Framing: For maximized protection and display, our museum grade materials and treatment meets all expectations in protecting and displaying your pastels in a museum conservation standard, while protecting from damaging factors such as humidity, heat, and soiling, and insect damage, while offering 99% UV protection from the devastating effects of sunlight and fluorescent lighting.

Conservation Grade Picture Framing: This package offers the most comprehensive protection and conservation while forgoing some of the finer display options. While retaining protection 99% from UV light, a major contributor in ongoing damage, the focus is on the preservation of your art, ensuring that its condition and value are true as the day it was framed.

Exhibition Grade Picture Framing: While maximizing on the simplicity of the display We focus on the artwork being displayed, giving the eventual purchaser the option of reframing based on their own specific taste.

Corporate and Office Picture Framing: Here, we maximize on the elegance presentation of your pieces, with the maintaining of durability and longevity being the ultimate goal. This option uses materials that inhibit breakage, minimizing potential liability from accident and/or injury.

Glazing Pastel Paintings

Alongside our museum acrylic, we offer several glazing solutions for displaying your pastel paintings to meet your specific needs and budget.

Museum Acrylic: Our museum grade acrylic plexiglass maximizes conservation and visual clarity simultaneously. This is strongly recommended for high-value, larger artworks that demand the highest protection from UV damage. It’s anti-static properties protect from dust and other harmful inclusions. With added flexibility preventing breaking and potential injury, scratches and wear.

Museum Glass: Here, we have maximized clarity with 99% UV protection. This is strongly recommended for frame sizes up to 36″x48″. Our museum grade may be safely used to a maximum ceiling of 40″x60″. Due to the specific restrictions of the material, for any dimensions which exceed this, we recommend our premium display-grade acrylic plexiglass.

Water Clear Glass: Maximized display clarity without any reflection while offering protection against 70% of harmful UV light. This option has in mind works needing to be visible without any distraction whatsoever, the focus being exhibited artwork and the buyer who will reframe it based on their taste.

Conservation Glass: Offers protection from 99% of UV light, while displaying like regular glass. A choice that focusing on the integrity and durability of the image.
Plexiglass: NOT RECOMMENDED for pastel paintings as it is a considerable static-inducing material which will inflict often irreparable permanent damage to your pastels.

Mounting Pastel Paintings

Matboards on Pastel Paintings:

Matboards assist in creating strategic space between glass and the artwork. Due to the concerns specific to pastels, they require more space, therefore a double, or thicker, mat is utilized. This ensures adequate room between the glass and work so to prevent contact with the original piece, thus not inflict any significant damage.

At ABC, we stock a selection of premium archival and museum mats in a wide range of quality, colours and textures so we may meet your every requirement.

Our archival, or conservation, mats also function well in inhibiting any condensation which may develop within the interior of the assembly, and become transferred to the piece. This results in humidity damage, mold and mildew that is often irreversible, or extremely costly to repair. All of our museum matboards are constructed of acid and lignin free paper with 100% cotton fiber to protect against environmental damage such as discoloration and/or disintegration. All paper and matboards are available in an extensive array of colours and textures to accommodate your unique taste and demands.