Picture Frame Contents – What Goes Into A Custom-made Picture Frame?

What Goes Into A Custom Made Picture Frame

When choosing the best way to display your artwork, photos, etc., you’ll benefit from learning a few important facts about our custom frames. When you have this background information, you’ll find it easier to make choices…and this will help us to create a more satisfying framing experience for you. If you need guidance to make framing choices, you should know that we’re standing by to help. We have so much valuable advice to share.

This visual diagram identifies the different sections that we will add while we create your perfect custom frame. Knowing the differences between the mat board and the mount board will be just as important as choosing the right frame.

In the framing process, one of the key components is the glazing, which is the protective clear cover on your frame. We have a variety of options for glazing in both glass and plexiglass ranging from conservation grade, which specializes in UV protection to museum grade, which is anti-reflective to plexi-glass, which can be used for large pieces and loose media pieces. It is important to take into account glazing when you are deciding how you want your framed art to look and be preserved.

Picture Frame Contents

The Frame: Varied, handcrafted frame mouldings act as borders, protecting your art and enhancing it. We carry over 1000 mouldings in a multitude of styles. Traditionally, these are made of wood, which is still the most common material. We have the option of FSC, forest friendly frames as well as a carefully selected array of metal frames.

Glazing: The protective clear cover on your frame available in a variety of glasses and plexi-glasses. We utilise specialty protective glass designed particularly for the display and longevity of your framed piece. This includes Tru Vue Conservation Grade Glazing, which offers 99% UV protection, Tru Vue Optium Anti-Static Glazing and Tru Vue Museum Anti-Reflective Glazing.

Matboard: The component that prevents other parts of the frame from touching the original artwork. Additionally, it improves its aesthetic qualities. We carry premium archival and museum mats to protect your artwork, picture or object in a wide range of quality, colours and textures.

Fillet: A small piece of decorative moulding which fits underneath or in between matting. Fillets are used to enhance your artwork with a subtle flare.

Picture: Your painting, fine art print, photo or any other precious item that deserves protection and preservation from damages such as humidity, heat, dust and light exposure.

Mounting Board: The lightweight backing used to mount your artwork. It’s an important component to protect your artwork. We use an acid free matboard for mounting purposes.

Backboard: The last board used in the custom frame that holds everything together. We have the option of foam core or acid free cardboard.

Dustcover: Protective backing paper added to protect the image as the final step, keeping dust and insects out. Canvas, on the other hand, needs to breathe and as a result should not have a dustcover.

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