8×11 Protective Crystal Clear Bags for Artwork and Photos


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High-quality protective closure bags for 8” X 11” photography and art. Innovative adhesive strips keep glue from getting onto artwork, documents or photographs. Acid-free and Lignin-free.

Protective closure bags may be resealed and they offer superb protection and visibility. Utilise these affordable and practical bags to safeguard your vital documents, works of art and photographs. Crafted with innovative design, each bag features adhesive strips on its outer edge, rather than on the flaps of the bags. Glue from adhesive strips won’t transfer onto items.

When you order these premium photo sleeves, you’ll be able to protect and showcase your work. Your precious pictures, artwork and documents won’t be damaged as you slide them in and out of Crystal Clear Bags.

Packages are available in quantities of 25, 50 and 100 bags. These premium clear bags are acid-free and Lignin-free.

Crafted from 1.6 millimeter Biaxally Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP), every bag provides superb visibility for a range of items. These bags are ideal for:

  • Artwork – keep paintings, sketches and drawings in perfect condition
  • Photos – protect photographs from damage
  • Documents – keep your important papers in pristine condition
  • Crafts – show off your crafting projects as you protect them from dust, dirt and moisture
  • Scrapbooks – protect your scrapbook photos and embellishments
  • Planners – cover pages to avoid damage from debris and handling

Key Benefits

Crystal Clear Bags will protect and showcase your art, photos and documents. These transparent and resealable bags give items the professional look. They also offer impressive clarity, in addition to excellent protection from handling and exposure. When you choose these bags, your documents, pictures and artwork will remain in pristine condition. These bags are PAT-ISO 18916-certified. They feature archival quality.

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