NON GLARE – Reflection Control Glass

NON GLARE Reflection Control GlassReflection Control® glass enhances the beauty of artwork with etched matte-like finish that scatters light to minimize unwanted glare.

When To Use

  • Ideal for minimizing glare and reflection when UV protection is not a concern
  • Use on any framing project with up to two mats away from artwork without significant resolution loss

Care & Handling / Cleaning

All of Tru Vue glass products are clean and ready to use. If spot cleaning is needed use the following techniques:
  • Place the glass on a clean, non-abrasive surface for cleaning.
  • Use a clean, soft, lint-free cloth to clean the glass. Tru Vue recommends using a micro-fiber cloth.
  • Spray a small amount of ammonia-free cleaner onto the cloth. Spraying on the cloth will prevent overspray.
  • Press the cloth against the glass and clean in round, circular motions.

Technical Info

  • Etched matte-like finish to minimize glare and allows 89% light transmission
  • 2.5mm glass substrate