Advanced Photo Editing Services

photo editing comparison before and after girl

Photo of Portrait Editing

Have you had headshots taken for a professional portfolio that you want to shine? Our advanced photo editing techniques include refining portrait photography. Using a colour range selection based on your skin colour we can reduce blemishes, smooth out the skin and enhance the eyes and mouth.

Especially in the case of using artificial lighting, skin can be amplified or washed out so we focus on evening out the overall tone. We don’t believe in creating artificial looking enhancements, rather complementing your natural features. These are just a few examples, but the possibilities are truly endless with our editing tools and expertise. Come visit us in store today or call in with your inquiry and we will enthusiastically meet your needs.

Once the image is captured, especially in raw format, the process is only halfway done. Post processing plays a big role in today’s photographic society. At ABC Fine ART we have mastered the available tools in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop editing suites. Not only do we offer basic photo enhancement services, we approach the fine details with skill.

Editing Memorable Family Portrait

Perhaps you have a beautiful portrait of your loved ones, but aren’t happy with the background. In this age of digital technology we are given the ability to extensively edit a photo so that we can resolve issues like this. Just take a look below at the remarkable example.

Advanced Photo Editing Service Vancouver

We have digitized this memorable family portrait and thereafter changed the background from a dull interior of a house to a colourful sunset at the beach. As you can see, the processing is seamless – it doesn’t look as if the subjects have been superimposed in this new scene.