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Frameless Aluminum Mount Print

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Print Overview

Matte Photo Paper & Laminate

The combination of matte photo paper and laminate creates an image that will have you daydreaming. Everything is softened, lulling you into a far away landscape or captivated by the eyes of a portrait. Colours are still true to the original, yet more subdued than our other mounting options.

Ideal Medium for Photography

Aluminum mounting is spreading rapidly amidst the photography community. The media and technique we use is top-of-the-line ensuring a wide colour gamut and ultra HD quality. Moreover, the formation of our mounts offers a product with a graceful finish, perfect for landscapes and portraits.

Official Selection for Modern Spaces

Acrylic mounting is a new wave choice for artists and designers alike. Our acrylic mounts are fitted with a ⅝” c-bar for hanging purposes, which offers an elegant and sharp display all at the same time. Alongside the slim build of our mounts, this conceives a product saturated with poise.


While an acrylic facemount is seemingly dainty, it has incredible, long lasting components. With the plexiglass and aluminum panel combined, your print will endure handling, moisture and other environmental impacts that are usually of concern.

No Frame Needed - Seamless Display

All of our mounting options are completed with aluminum ⅝” c-bar protrusions, which are beautifully covert. Indeed, the finished print actually appears as though it is floating on the walls or your home or office space. This product is ready to hang upon pickup.


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