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Professional Scanning

Scanning Canvas Oil Painting Vancouver

ABC Fine ART prides itself in delivering professional scanning services to their valuable clients that look for quality and precision. Located on the border of Burnaby and Vancouver, our scanning services span from artwork to valuable historic-archive documents to old photographs to decor industry objects.

We implement a variety of high-tech scanning equipments and trade techniques for all image scanning services. Our satisfied clients and businesses include museums, archives, art galleries, artists, movie industry, decor industry, print shops and individuals preserving their valuable family photos and documents.

Our professional scanning service achieves a sharp, detailed and accurate image converted into a high-quality digital file of your original without the risk of damage.The originals are captured without illumination problems or surface handling. Ideal for art reproduction, press print, large format print, film and tv production, digital presentation, archives and much more.

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Our Scanning Service Application Range


Our Image Scanners


CRUSE Scanner

This unique scanning system was developed for high-caliber fine art reproduction, as well as the decor industry, archives, libraries and museums. With its benchmark line-scan technology, it has the ability to digitize wooden models, ceramics, wallpaper, textiles, blueprints, historic submittals, and other surfaces in seconds. The CRUSE is outstandingly one of a kind as each machine is built individually in Germany - tailored to the needs of its destined owner.

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Camera Scanner

We want to maintain artwork quality and so, we sometimes use camera scanners to acquire the best reproduction possible. Out of the many scanning options available, the CRUSE Scanner is often the most highly recommended. In our experience, we have seen that some artwork is reproduced better with camera scanning as it offers full control of lighting when capturing images. Moreover, we can produce higher resolution when needed. The result is non-contact digitizing of thick documents without risk of damaging the artwork surface, which comes at a higher price point.

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Flatbed Scanner

Get the precise colour and detail you need to digitally archive all your priceless originals - with the Epson Perfection V800 Photo scanner. 6400 dpi resolution, 4.0 Dmax and innovative dual-lens scanning system ensures extraordinary results whether scanning slides, negatives, medium- or large-format film. Additionally, its innovative LED light source produces exceptional quality imaging, while boosting productivity and efficiency.

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Other Image Scanners


Metis specializes in high quality scanners for archives, libraries, and museums and for the reproduction industry. Metis DRS scanners are said to be the most advanced professional scanners available today in terms of technology and image quality. Although, with a few differences in the physical body (the mobility of the arm and table), the Metis DRS scanner and CRUSE scanners are comparable, which is why we have chosen to carry the CRUSE scanner in store.

Drum Scanners

Drum scanners capture image information with photomultiplier tubes (PMT), rather than the charge-coupled device (CCD) arrays found in flatbed scanners. Originals are mounted on an acrylic cylinder, the scanner drum, which rotates at high speed while it passes the object being scanned in front of precision optics that deliver image information to the PMT. This offers optimal dynamic range, therefore drum scanners can extract more detail from shadow areas of a transmissive work such as a photograph. We do not carry drum scanners because they can not be used for artwork given the mounting and scanning process. Also, a high quality flatbed scanner can generate reproductions with as much dynamic range.

Roll in Scanners

Roll in scanner such as SmartLF SG by Colortrac may have great colour accuracy and efficiency, but we don't recommend this technology for art or any valuable document scanning because of the way in which is handles the pieces. We have seen original pictures that have been damaged through the process of roll in scanning. They are suggested moreso for maps and blueprints, which we can provide with one of our superior devices at a higher price point than other scanning.


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