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Art Reproduction Printing • Art Scanning • Custom Picture Framing

Non-Contact, Large Format Cruse Scanner Pricing

Artwork - Objects - Valuable Documents - Old Maps or Blue Prints

Using our top of the line, vacuum table CRUSE scanner. Optimal for fine art reproduction and archival documents, which can be scanned with or without glass. Base colour correction and adjustments are included in our scanning price.

Up to 8.5×11 inch Special $45  (was $75)

Up to 18×24 inch Special $99  (was $127.50)

Up to 24×36 inch Special $120  (was $152)

Up to 48×48 inch Special $180  (was $226)

Over 48×48 inch Request a Quote

Add one 8×10 proof print on luster photo paper for only $17.50


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Small Photos Scan Pricing:

Family Photo Albums - Cherished Old Photos


Includes software sharpen, colour correction and dust removal. Each scan will provide a high resolution image in JEPG format, 8 bit and sRGB colour profile. Scans can be provided in standard or ultra HD resolution

Packages standard scan:

Up to 150 photos: $120
Up to 300 photos: $199
Up to 700 photos: $365
Up to 1500 photos: $699

Individual standard scan :

4x5 - 5x7: $5 each
5x7 - 8x10: $8.50 each

Individual ultra HD scan:

4x5 - 5x7: $15 each
5x7 - 8x10: $25 each

Standard scans are printable up to 8x10” and Ultra HD scans are printable up to 18x24”. Package prices are for photos up to 5x7”. We require a $120 minimum order. Setup fee may apply for delicate photo scans.


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Negative & Slides Scan Pricing:

Old negatives - Family slides - Medium or Large Format Slides and Negatives


Includes software sharpen, colour correction and dust removal. Each scan will provide a high resolution image in JEPG format, 8 bit and sRGB colour profile.

Packages for standard scan:

Up to 150: $120
Up to 300: $199
Up to 700: $365
Up to 1500: $699

Individual scan :

Individual cut Negatives and Slides: $4 each
Individual Mounted 35mm Slides: $5 each
Individual 4x5 Negatives: $25 each
Individual Full Format Negatives*: $75 each

Uncut negatives/slides and mounted 35mm slides are printable up to 16x24”, 4x5 negatives are printable up to 20x24”, and full format negatives are printable up to 30x40”. Package prices are for cut negatives/slide and mounted 35mm slides. We require a $120 minimum order. Setup fee may apply to delicate slides.


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Q: Do you have a minimum charge?

A: Yes, for scanning service we require a minimum order of $120 before tax or any applied discount.

Q: What’s included in your scanning services?

A: FREE consultation, digitizing images and one time up to 15 min FREE of charge monitor colour matching.

Q: What is the file format of the scan?

A: Scans are provided in JPEG, 8 bit, s-RGB, tiff and 16 bit can be provided upon request. (Additional charges may apply)

Q: I'm very particular about my print colour, how close can be printed to the original?

A: This required advanced colour profilng for each print media you choose and involves few test prints. Charges will apply for profiling, print prepation and advanced colour matching.

Q: Where are the scans are made?

A: It will be scanned in-store.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Typically 3-5 business days

Q: Do I need to schedule an appointment?

A: No appointment is required, you can drop off your photos or artwork anytime during our store hours.

Q: Can I ship my photos or artwork to be scanned?

A: Yes, we will scan and ship them back to you. However, it is the customer who is responsible for shipping and insurance payments.

Q: Do you edit scanned image?

A: Photoshop and image editing such as background removal, spot removal, advanced colour correction are not included our scanning services. Fees will apply.

Q: Do I need to bring a USB flash memory?

A: You may but it isn’t required. We can send you a link to download your files.


Scanned Files Ownership

We strongly believe in customer trust and satisfaction. Some companies do not share printable files with customers to ensure that printing jobs remain under the jurisdiction of their companies. At ABC Fine ART, we acknowledge your scanned files as your property. Printing services are available if you choose to print with us.


Art Scanning Services Terms and Conditions

By Accepting our special prices for scanning services You Agree:

  1. ABC Fine ART offers a high resolution printing file in .tif OR .jpeg format and a low resolution .jpeg file for web publication. Any extra files may be subject to additional fees.

  2. ABC Fine ART offers up to 15 minutes FREE of charge colour correction for your scanned files. Hourly rate fees may apply to extra advanced colour correction or image editing.

  3. Print matching is not part of our scaning service and extera charges will apply for each print setup and sample prints.
  4. Any additional colour correction or image editing after the client’s approval will be subject to hourly rate fees. 

  5. The scanned files will be accessible for download for three (3) months via a Dropbox link.

  6. We highly suggest creating a backup for your file. There may be charges involved for the file recovery if your file or backup are lost.

  7. ABC Fine ART reserves the right to keep a backup of all scanned files.

  8. ABC Fine ART offers each client 15 min FREE of charge consultation, any extra time may be subject to an hourly rate fee.

  9. ABC Fine ART reserves the right to use scans to showcase our work for marketing purposes, including both digital and print formats. If client don’t agree to this term the full price of scanning and colour matching will be charged.