Egon Schiele – Female Lovers, 1915

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Dive into the evocative world of Egon Schiele’s “Female Lovers,” a compelling artwork created in 1915. This exquisite painting showcases the artist’s unique approach to capturing the raw emotions and intimate connections between two lovers. Schiele’s unapologetic exploration of sexuality and sensuality resonates in every brushstroke, rendering this artwork a groundbreaking representation of love and desire.

Our archival quality giclee prints of “Female Lovers” offer a rare opportunity to bring home a piece of art history. Faithfully reproduced from the high-resolution images provided by the very museums that house the original artwork, our prints ensure an unparalleled level of detail and fidelity to Schiele’s masterful vision. Whether printed on canvas or watercolor paper, this timeless piece will captivate the viewer with its bold, expressive lines and delicate color palette.

Experience the allure of Egon Schiele’s “Female Lovers” and elevate your art collection with a piece that transcends time and continues to captivate art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Egon Schiele’s “Female Lovers” is a mesmerizing artwork created in 1915 that embodies the essence of the Austrian Expressionist movement. This striking painting delves deep into the exploration of human relationships, intimacy, and the powerful emotions that bind individuals together.

Schiele’s unique approach to his subjects is evident in “Female Lovers,” as he masterfully captures the raw emotions and vulnerability that lay bare between the two women. The painting features an intricate interplay of lines, contours, and shapes, which heightens the sense of connection and desire between the figures. The subtle use of color, combined with the artist’s characteristic bold outlines, further emphasizes the intensity of their intertwined forms.

As an artist who challenged the conventions of his time, Schiele’s representation of sexuality and sensuality in “Female Lovers” was groundbreaking. The painting is a testament to his artistic prowess and innovative spirit, which continues to inspire generations of artists and viewers alike.

The haunting beauty and provocative allure of “Female Lovers” can now be a part of your personal art collection. Our archival quality giclee prints are meticulously reproduced from high-resolution images provided by the museums that house the original artwork. This ensures an unmatched level of detail, accuracy, and fidelity to Schiele’s vision.

Available on your choice of canvas or watercolor paper, our giclee prints will captivate and enthrall you with their bold lines, delicate color palette, and emotionally charged composition. Experience the timeless appeal of Egon Schiele’s “Female Lovers” and elevate your art collection with a piece that transcends the boundaries of time.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own a high-quality reproduction of this extraordinary artwork. Bring home the power and passion of Egon Schiele’s “Female Lovers” with a stunning giclee print, and add a touch of artistic brilliance to your living space.

Artist: Egon Schiele Nationality: Austrian, 1890 – 1918 Title: Female Lovers, 1915 Date Created: 1915 Original dimensions: 32.8 x 49.7 cm (12.9″ x 19.6″) Location: Albertina, Vienna, Austria

Available print sizes (proportionate to original):

  • Original artwork size: 32.8 x 49.7 cm (12.9″ x 19.6″)
  • Small: 30.5 x 46.4 cm (12″ x 18.3″)
  • Medium: 40.6 x 61.7 cm (16″ x 24.3″)
  • Large: 61.0 x 92.6 cm (24″ x 36.5″)
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