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Vincent Van Gogh – the man who has become a household name widely, was born in the Netherlands in 1853. He had a desire to contribute positively to humanity, which he found initially through teaching and preaching as a missionary and later dismissed by the church, Van Gogh delved into his artistic vocation. His initial pieces reflect a soft earthiness, whereas his arrival in Paris sparked his well known impressionist style. This brought luminosity to his work, casting away the latter somber and benign aesthetic he employed. You can see in his paintings that he uses colour to instill a certain emotional resonance. As he moved out of the city and into Provence his work deepened through his heightened connection to nature, communicating the spiritual power embedded in the land, water and sky. While his work was reaching summit, his mental health began to dwindle and eventually Van Gogh committed himself to a sanitarium. While he battled to maintain his sanity with support and through the outlet of painting, he passed on after a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His masterpieces live on in the hearts and homes of many in remembrance of a truly troubled genius. Order a giclee print of one of Van Gogh’s original masterpieces for an outstanding centerpiece.