Post-Print Protective Coatings Canvas Varnish

It is important to understand that a fine quality print on is a result of using a printer that extracts ink of jet technology and high quality ink that will have a lasting colour result in clarity. The work is delicate and we value the archival process and want for our customers to know that it is important to protecting high quality printing on canvas by having it coated with a clear coat archival gel medium. It is recommended that work be coated to protect in transportation, finger prints, scratching and fading. It is the choice of the customer wether to have their canvas framed to protect it or if not to have the wrapped canvas protected because of the unprotected corners. There are a few options of to have the print on canvas remain to look mat, semi gloss or glossy. Ask us about what is best for the protection of the print.

Post Printing

As opposed to the display of photographic inkjet prints in traditional frames behind glass, prints made on inkjet canvas are usually presented in a “gallery wrap” format and can be either framed or unframed, but traditionally without a glass covering. Because of the traditional display style for canvas prints, top coating is an additional process for those who wish extra print surface protection. Epson recommends this for its Matte finish canvas only. For those who do not want to top coat, it is recommended that Exhibition Canvas Satin or Exhibition Canvas Gloss be used. These two finishes provide a surface with excellent durability including abrasion, crack, and water resistance even without the use of a top coat.

Key benefits to top coating a canvas print:

  • Increases durability of the printed image on the canvas
  • Improves water resistance of the printed image on the canvas
  • Allows for adjustment of the surface gloss to desired levels

It is recommended for those top coating canvas prints to select Exhibition Matte Canvas:

  • Exhibition Canvas Matte can accept top coats in matte, satin or gloss finish
  • Exhibition Matte Canvas can accept top coats applied by either brushing, rolling, spraying, laminating or silk screening
  • If top coating Exhibition Canvas Satin or Exhibition Canvas Gloss, only a spray will work (brushing and rolling will transfer ink off of the canvas)

Recommended top coat applications

  • HVLP spray system in contained spray booth (or low cost HVLP spray system available for under $100)
  • Screen print
  • Liquid laminator

Recommended top coat products

(Not required for Exhibition Canvas Satin or Exhibition Canvas Gloss, but may be used if added protection is desired)

  • Clear Star ClearJet (brush or roller) *
  • Triangle D412 (brush or roller) *
  • Premier Art Eco Shield (brush or roller) *
  • Golden Varnish Archival Spray
  • Bulldog Ultra Gloss Liquid Laminate Spray
  • Print Guard UV Water Resistant Lacquer Spray
  • Premier Art Print Shield