Designer Standard: Aluminum Sublimation Prints

Modern Showcasing and Decor

Photos printed with the sublimation process on aluminum are the sleekest product yet. Utilising sublimation specific inks and heat set, your image is permanently fused with the clear or white coating on a thin aluminum composite panel. With enriched black density and saturation, photographers are employing this application for daring night scenes, fashion and landscape shots.

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You don’t get more refined than our new Aluminum Sublimation Prints. This style of alternative printing is sweeping it’s way across North America. In a modern age, designers and artists alike are searching for a medium that will be conducive to such urban climate. Utilizing sublimation specific inks and heat set, your image is permanently fused with the coating on an aluminum panel. This creates a metallic glow that isn’t achievable through any other means. Panels are available in white or clear-coated additions for different effects. Watch as the colour and texture of your image deepens dramatically.

Prints Have Never Been More Refined

To compliment our sublimation processing, we complete the print with fitted aluminum ⅝” c-bar. Given their ⅝” dimension, they’re extremely subtle and create the essence of a floating image. Alongside the dainty panel, this generates a look that is cutting edge.

Photographers shooting landscape and high fashion are always looking for a bold model of reproduction and display. Come and explore this new wave of printing with ABC Fine ART. You’re sure to be dazzled by the final product, which intrinsically is durable and resistant to scratches, stains, weathering and so on. No need to wait, order online with our convenient “Upload & Order” feature.

Image Requirements

Your image is printed best and your order is processed quicker if you check your print files before sending your order by following this check list. If you are not familiar with any of these, don't worry we can always check them for you:

image cropped to size with an overlap of extra .25 inch on each side
image resolution is either 360 dpi, 300 dpi, 240, 120 or 100 dpi as the lowest acceptable resolution
colour profile Adobe RGB, other sRGB and CMYK are accepted but not preferred
file format PSD, TIFF, PDF, PNG or JPEG
image checked for lens chromatic aberration
image checked for camera sensor dust spots
image checked for colour noise
sharpness is adjusted at the very end for a clear print result

Large Format Prints in Custom Sizes

Up to date wall art is certain to charm your clientele and guests. This current form of printing is simply dazzling. With the glow of metallic, your images are refashioned quickly.

  • Professional sublimation specific inks and heat set on glossy coated aluminum
  • A truly polished look ideal for urban spaces
  • Available up to 42×96 inches
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Ready to Hang – Sleeker Than Ever

The attraction of aluminum prints lies in the purist exhibition style. Naturally, aluminum panels are incredibly thin; in conjunction with our discrete hanging mechanism, this adds an attractive centrepiece to any room. Even with such composition these products are inherently strong and durable.

  • Ideal for your contemporary visual art gallery, home, or corporate office space
  • Conducive with long foot fall environments as it is durable and scratch resistant
  • For indoor and outdoor use – weather resistant, easy to clean and durable
  • Available in sizes from 8″x12″ up to 48″x96
  • Built reliably for exhibition purposes
  • Raw aluminum panel – resistant to bowing
  • 3D floating effect with fitted 5/8″ c-bar hanger
  • Ready to hang
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