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Create Seamless Modern Art With Our Diverse Mounting Services

Acquire the latest designer trends for a modern space at ABC Fine ART. If you’re searching for a medium that will give your images a sleek and vibrant look, we have the right solution. Although face mounting was developed in the late 60s, it is currently the craze for new age decor. All of our prints are produced with our luminous printing technology and top grade photo paper, which has a surface that increases white point, in turn the vibrancy of your original. Thereafter, we carefully secure your print onto a conducive surface through a method of pasting and/or laminating. We offer a series of mounts that withhold their own strengths and aesthetic. You can conveniently follow our ‘Upload & Print’ option and order you print today or if you prefer to come in store, we’d be happy to assist you in person at our great location in Greater Vancouver.

Acrylic Mount - Starting at $54.07

An acrylic mount creates a vivid and eye catching image. Your print is face mounted onto the back of a 99.99% optically pure, cast 1/4″ acrylic sheet also known as plexiglass. This generates a hyper dimensional look that showcases detail in a remarkable way. Another perk of the acrylic mount is its inherent longevity and protection against moisture and handling. We make sure to finish this mount to perfection by either polishing the edges, achieving a clear sheen, or beveling the edges with your choice of color. For additional security we layer the backside with a white stability board. Lastly, our sleek aluminum hanging rails are attached to the back of the acrylic art. Once hung, this generates the illusion that the image is floating.

Starting at $54.07
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Aluminum mount photo printing

Aluminum Mount - Starting at $

This mounting option offers a polished, lustrous effect given the aluminum base. Your print is  mounted onto 1/8" raw aluminum. Furthermore we laminate the print with a glossy or matte finish. This method ensures a wide colour gamut and high resolution so that your image is full of flair. Designers are embracing aluminum mounting for its particular contribution to state-of-the-art spaces. The flat 1/8 aluminum is solid in spite of its vitric appeal. Akin to our finish with acrylic mounting, the products come ready to hang with 1/2" aluminum rails attached to the back for that weightless look.

Starting at CAD $
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Wood mount photo print

Wood Mount - Starting at $26.55

While the wood mount is more economical, it can serve a distinct purpose when it comes to the need for a durable print. Your image is mounted onto a sturdy 3/8" medium density fiberboard or MDF and then heat sealed with a matte laminate. These features provide ultimate protection from environmental conditions such a moisture or dust and leave no trace of fingerprints in surface handling. We finish the wood mount by beveling the edges and complementing the plaque with your colour choice. Lastly a simple keyhole slot is made in the back for hanging purposes.

Starting at $26.55
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Photo mount on foamboard

Foamboard Mount - Starting at $34.20

The foamboard mount is are most economical option and although it doesn’t hold the same magnetism as to the acrylic and aluminum mount it has been popular for prints that are only required for a short term display ie. posters. Foamboard is a lightweight, easily cut material, which your print is adhered to and heat sealed with a matte laminate for a simple and effective look.

All of our alternative print mounting options have their place and are a different way to display your artwork or photograph than the traditional paper or canvas prints. Try something new and create your modern space today with ABC Fine ART.

Starting at $34.20
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