Photo Enhancement Services

Are you dissatisfied with the outcome of your photography? Perhaps you have a beautiful composition and its just that your colour balance and/or exposure are off. Even when using the most professional camera, most photos require enhancement to some degree. For example, it may be that you were in a low lighting situation and the result is a high contrast or noisy photo that needs adjustment. This could likely unfold especially if your camera is set to automatic programming.

These days photographers use software darkrooms such as Photoshop and Lightroom to edit, enhance, correct and adjust their photos. At ABC Fine ART we are not only business professionals, but master artists. We offer professional photo enhancement and retouching services for optimal results. Moreover, we have the ability to edit photos, which can look like a complete change in background and other Photoshop magic tricks. You can leave your beautifully composed photo with us and we’ll make it pop in all the right ways. Photo enhancement services per photo start at $35 and basic enhancement services are included free of charge with our printing service.

Here you can see a tropical bird featured in the tops of a palm tree. A wonderful exhibition, but the before-enhancement-photo doesn’t do justice to the electric greens and blues you’ve witnessed in person. We’ve adjusted the photo levels and clarity to bring this photo to life.

Sundown and seaside in the remarkable teal waters of the Caribbean. However captivating, this low light situation can make the landscape seem more dull than reality. By adjusting exposure and saturation, we’ve enhanced the previous photo and restored that unforgettable teal colour.

Photo Enhancement

You can see in the before-enhancement photo, our subject’s face is shadowed because the light source is coming from an angle somewhat behind him. Overall, the exposure does not create a complementary look for our subject. In adjusting the levels, with a particular focus on the face of our subject, we were able to enhance the quality of the exposure.

Note: It is much easier to enhance photos that are underexposed rather than overexposed. When images are overexposed that is lost information impossible to regain without distortion.

Photo Enhancement

A captivating sunset in the prairies – the sky aglow with oranges and yellows, but in this low light you’ve lost the magnitude of these colours. Even the tractor that is featured in the photo has almost disappeared. We were able to return the saturation to this image and adjust the levels and clarity to recreate that magical scene.