Corporate & Hospitality Picture Framing for Commercial Venues

Are you looking for a professional picture framing company to work with? ABC Fine ART is a one stop shopping for your corporate framing. We understand all aspects of commercial space requirements for displaying pictures. Our commercial framing services is suitable for:

  • Set designers that need to display framed pictures for a film set
  • Offices that need pictures of work samples or a company photos
  • Interior designers working for hotels and the hospitality industry and need to display a variety of pictures or artwork
  • Healthcare industry that need art or pictures for display to enhance their environment to create a warm and caring ambiance
  • And much more

We provide professional picture framing for all your custom needs. Our services includes ongoing consultation and framing design to the end product of conservation grade picture frames that are ready to hang with all safety requirements. Picture framing for commercial are strongly crafted, with safety hanging system that follows all commercial buildings safety codes.

When required, our printing services will compliment our framing services. Please visit our printing service page for additional information.

We’ve been serving clients throughout Greater Vancouver with our professional team. Visit us in-store for a FREE consultation or call us today for more info.

Picture Framing for Film and Television Industry

We will work with your set designer to customize pieces appropriate for your production budget. It is our understanding that the film and television industry needs efficient installment, durability and quality reflection control. We can provide a selection of picture framing materials that meet all of these specific requirements. This selection includes Tru Vue reflection control plexiglass. Our framing design collection is diverse and can accommodate any set from a glamourous drama to a lighthearted comedy. Come visit us at our convenient location, neighbored to an array of film studios and production companies on the border of Vancouver and Burnaby.

Picture Framing for Offices

An office space has a lasting impression on clientele that should accurately reflect your business. We offer a variety of framing styles from classic, to contemporary and modern to meet your unique branding. Whether you are framing posters, business certificates or valuable artwork, ABC Fine ART can help you build the perfect frame. We emphasize the importance of using our conservation framing services for special documents such as business certificates and licenses after years of experience with a commercial based demographic. By decorating your office environment with custom framed pieces, your employment team and guests will have a more enriching experience. We are available in store for all your framing needs or you can contact us for information and pricing regarding our consultation and design service in office.

Picture Framing for Hotels

When it comes to contract picture framing for hospitality, we’re your one-stop frame shop. Selecting the proper framed artwork for a new hotel can be an overwhelming task, but our experienced staff can make it possible with ease. Given our vast collection of frame types we are equipped to fulfill your vision. Whether you are looking to create an elegant chateau or a global inspired hostel, we can help you decorate your walls in this large scale production. At ABC Fine ART we are known for our expertise in design, in turn collaboration with interior designers always results in an fluid and successful experience. Work with us today for the aesthetic benefit of your fine establishment.

Picture Framing for Healthcare Facilities

Visiting a healthcare facility can be stressful; uplifting and relaxing artwork and photographs are always appreciated by both patients and providers. We care about the wellbeing of people at ABC Fine ART and it is our pleasure to provide you with framing services that will both brighten your healthcare facility and maintain a safe environment. Given that your attention is dedicated to serving patients we are available to come to you for consultation and design service. Contact us for more information and pricing details.

ABC Fine ART Framing

ABC Fine ART takes pride in offering the highest quality, handcrafted custom framing service in Burnaby and Greater Vancouver. With expertise in design, our gifted staff will assist you in choosing the best suited frame for your artwork, picture, print or object.

We are very pleased to work in partnership with Larson Juhl to offer an impressive line of forest friendly frames. These stunning mouldings are responsibly sourced from trees grown specifically for the framing industry, and therefore without detriment to our precious forests. Ask us about our FSC and PEFC certified frames. We carry museum grade and premium archival quality matboards to protect your artwork, picture or object, and take the utmost care in preparing a safe, secure and exquisite final product. We also utilise specialty protective glass designed particularly for the display and longevity of your framed piece. This includes Tru Vue Museum and Conservation Grade Glazing, which offers 99% UV protection. It will be preserved for you to continue to enjoy for years to come.