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Why We Do Not Offer Price Crashing Discounts?

80% OFF!!, 75% OFF!! even 50% OFF!!. Price crashing discounts like these might be attractive to many online shoppers but we believe in our valuable customer’s intellect, whom are looking for quality rather than cheap products. We DO NOT over price our products to reduce attractive pricing, NOR do we use cheap materials to off set pricing and at last we DO NOT hire overseas factory workers that are paid at slavery wages to make our products cheaper.

In fact, we have had a handful of situations where customers have come in with “high discounted” purchased prints. Results for these customers were disappointing and unacceptable. In some cases customers end up paying twice. As they say… “you get what you pay for”.

To explain our pricing policies

We carefully calculate our products price, based on real cost of material, skilled workers wages and overhead costs.

Our prices reflect original and the best materials available in the market.

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Proudly & Seamlessly Printed in Canada

In order to provide the highest quality of print products and services to our valuable customers, we carefully chose our materials from best materials available in market.

Our printing suppliers are promising restricted archival quality of their materials and we are passing their promises to our customers.

Our framing bars are carefully selected from real quality wood, FSC certified when possible, and Canadian wood when available.

Our print products are locally made in our facility in Greater Vancouver.