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Conservation Framing Services

Conservation Framing

The purpose of a conservation frame for a picture, such as a painting or photograph, is to protect it from damaging factors such as humidity, heat, and soiling. Light sources present in an indoor environment will cause the picture to fade over time. Conservation framing features UV protection glazing to reduce fading potential caused by both direct and indirect light.

Additionally, the frame provides a decorative edging for your picture, enhancing it and making it easier to display. Artwork in conservation frames will stay in good condition for a long period of time.

When preservation matters, ABC Fine ART provides both conservation and museum grade framing for your picture, whether it is a valuable artwork or a meaningful photograph.

Designer Frame Moulding

We have a large selection of designer frame mouldings that will compliment your pictures. Our seamless framing collection includes contemporary, modern, classic and other timeless styles for any home or office environment. They are traditionally made of wood, although other materials are available for conservation framing including silver, bronze and aluminum.

Conservation Glazing

The primary purpose of glazing in art framing is to physically protect the work of art from damaging factors such as humidity, heat, and soiling.

Conservation glazing filters some of the damaging UV radiation and heat. We provide conservation and museum grades with the option of either glass or plexiglass. Museum glazing features anti-reflective coatings in addition to UV protection, which reduce glare and boost visibility.

Note: for loose media pieces, such as charcoal and pastel, it is not recommended to use acrylic glass as the static charge lifts the particles. We recommend using a museum glass for this media. If plexiglass is needed for preference or larger pieces we can provide Optium Museum Acrylic, which comes at a higher price point.

Archival or Conservation Mat

Using an archival or conservation mat to raise the glass is necessary with any picture that is to be framed. Mats have several important functions. The separation between the picture and the glass is of primary importance because any condensation that develops on the inside of the glass can be transferred to the piece, resulting in water damage, mold or mildew.

We offer acid-free, lignin-free paper and 100% cotton fibre museum matboards to ensure protection against discolouration and disintegration. Our papers and matboards are available in a wide variety of colours and textures to accommodate your unique design.


A fillet is a small piece of decorative moulding which fits underneath or in between matting. Fillets are used to enhance your artwork with a subtle flare. We offer a collection of beautiful wooden fillets in many styles and finishes, including bold, gold and silver leaf finishes to earthy, warm tones.

Conservation Mounting

In archival framing, artwork or photographs needs to be removable, therefore nothing is permanently mounted or glued to the art piece. At ABC Fine ART the picture is held in place with mylar photo corners or hinged to the mountboard with archival hinging tape. Materials used for both photo corners and hinging tape are safe for pictures, water reversible, acid free and easy to remove.

Picture Frame Backing

In conservation framing the treatment of the back of the framed artwork varies widely since the artwork is already mounted on an acid free mat board. We provide options of foam-core boards in archival acid free or normal versions or coroplast to provide support to all of the layers within the frame.

Dust Covers

We use backing paper or "dust covers" as the final layer in our conservation framing to keep dust and insects out of the frame.

Note: the use of backing boards is recommended with artworks on paper including photographs. It’s not recommended to be used for oil paintings or any other canvas media artwork as the canvas needs breathing.

Conservation Framing Consultation; In-Store; In-Home; In-Business

At ABC Fine ART we uphold the protection of art and valuable documents. We guarantee quality conservation framing and advising to meet all of your needs.

In-Store Framing Studio

Bring your photograph, artwork or other object to our store and our experienced staff will assist you in building the ideal frame. Whether it’s a priceless piece of artwork requiring the utmost care and conservation or a simple photo in need of a conducive frame, we will find the right custom made solution to meet your style and budget.

In-Home Consultation

Our clients choose ABC Fine ART for their framing needs because of our understanding and experience in design, alas conveying your vision to the experts in store can be challenging. By visiting your home, we can co-create a design that integrates your favourite art with the beautiful decor you have already established. Call us for more details and pricing.

In-Business Consultation

Just like your home, the art you have on your office walls reveals a lot. Let ABC Fine ART help you design an environment that will make an outstanding impression on your clientele. We offer a wide variety of services including on-site consultation, delivery and installation. Call us for more details and pricing.