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Having trouble coming up with a gift that isn’t a tie for Dad or whiskey stones for your friends? With Christmas coming up so quickly it’s easy to rely on the old standby gifts, but why not make this Christmas something special and get your loved one a customized piece of handcrafted wall art on canvas or fine art paper? These make a great a gift especially if you have one of those Moms who “just wants her children’s company” or says “you don’t have to get me anything” for Christmas and won’t tell you what she wants. There’s nothing a mother like that loves more than a personal, heartfelt gift, so a family photo or special memory printed on canvas would be perfect! You could even have those ancient old black and white photos your parents and grandparents have, digitally restored to their original form, a perfect gift for the holidays.*

Some people have some of the two kinds of artistic friends, ones who dabble in their craft or the ones who try to master it. Both types can be equally passionate about art and in both cases it’s usually not hard to find filled sketchbooks, files filled with digital art or paintings here and there. A gift idea, particularly good for such a friend, is to have something they’ve drawn, painted, photographed, etc. printed out as hangable wall art they can show off to any guests during the holidays. A helpful tip: do some reconnaissance beforehand and find out which pieces of your friend’s art they might be the most proud of. Then you can sneak off with it and bring it in for us to print it out for the perfect surprise gift. Alternatively you could simply send us a digital copy of the piece if you aren’t the best art thief.

Whether it be a family photo, a restored old photo, or a piece of artwork, we delight in seeing our customers happy with the gift of giving! They don’t have to be big pieces either, if you don’t have the wall space to fit a large one, you can simply scale it down to a smaller frame, perfect for hanging alongside photos or even at the office.With our archival canvas and fine art papers using archival inks, your gift for the holidays can last over 100 years! To get started on new gift idea just send us your files digitally or drop the physical copy off at our location and we will ensure to have your gift finished within five days.*

Happy Holidays!

*Last day for canvas prints before the holidays is Dec.18th, Last day for fine art and photo prints is Dec.21st