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Canvas prints vancouver

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Canvas prints vancouver

Giclée Canvas Prints

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Canvas prints vancouver

Quality Canvas Prints

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Canvas Prints Price Sample
Size (inch) 3/4" bars 1-1/2" bars
8 x 10 $48.95 NA
8 x 12 $63.00 $81.60
12 x 12 $73.80 $95.80
12 x 18 $90.00 $117.10
16 x 16 $97.00 $125.80
16 x 20 $109.95 $134.95
18 x 24 $119.95 $159.95
20 x 30 $165.90 $210.00
30 x 40 $255.90 $317.00
36 x 48 $329.70 $402.70

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At ABC Fine ART, your artwork and photos are printed on top-grade canvas utilizing the Giclée printing method with archival inks so your prints will be preserved for over 100 years. Our technicians have perfected this method, resulting in the highest quality prints of your originals.  Economical canvas prints are available with our Ultra HD printers.

Our canvas prints are a simple yet elegant way to showcase your wall art for multiple reasons. The canvas material naturally enhances the image displayed on it given its high white point, which offers a wide colour gamut. Moreover, the option of a canvas provides a lovely non-glare surface to clearly display your fine art. The texture adds a 3-dimensional feel creating a deeper visual experience for your viewing audience, whether that is your loved ones or a community of art enthusiasts. Your print will be admired much longer on canvas than it would on photo paper.

With canvas printing you have the option to enlarge a photo or piece of artwork on its own with no glass obstructing your view. With other mediums you would require an equally large frame and/or protective glass. You can conveniently order your canvas prints online across Canada. If you prefer, come visit us in store for a free, expert consultation and be assured of our exquisite services for any size printing including large format. Starting at $48.95

Archival Canvas Prints - Premium - Starting from $48.95

Looking to preserve your finest artwork or memories? With exhibition grade canvas, this option provides top of the line prints. The multi step process, undertaken with great diligence by our experienced staff, ensures that your print will be preserved beautifully for many years to come.


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