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Camera Scanner Capturing Art

Photography Capturing Art

Based on our experience, and consultation with art expert associates, our camera scanning is the optimal method to capture and digitize specific artwork. We recognize that professional scanning requires a personal touch to generate the ideal reproduction. Some textures are captured more genuinely with fully controlled lighting, which is the case in our in house developed camera scanning system. With mastered still photography, we achieve a very high resolution image in raw format. This can be applied to large format printing projects such as a wall size print common in the fashion and signage industries.

Our method not only allows us to create a very sharp image, there is also no risk of damaging the artwork in the process. Many scanners make contact with the original works by use of a roll-in system, as they have automatic feed mechanisms typically used to handle paper documents, or artwork is laid on a glass surface, both of which can cause damage to delicate fine art. Contrarily, our in house developed wall scanning method mounts the artwork and uses accurate, flexible lighting to keep the image detailed and crisp like the original, and is non-contact. Just look at the example below to get a sense of the result derived from this remarkable process.

Photography Capturing Art Artist: Kirsten Nash | Size: 40x60 inches | Resolution: 360 dpi

We handle your artwork with the utmost care and diligence. You don’t have to be concerned that the fine detail in your original will be lost when using our camera scanner. The entire process is carried out with our skilled staff personally capturing your image, which makes for an outstanding, high resolution reproduction. Here is another example of one of our satisfied customer’s fine art scan.

Artist: Kirsten Nash | Size: 48x72 inches | Resolution: 320 dpi Photography Capturing Art

Scanning Large Paintings As Large As 8 Feet

Large format scanning services Vancouver - ABC Fine ART

We are determined to deliver high resolution digital files for the purpose of producing a precise archival print, also called ‘Giclee Reproductions’. No matter how large your piece is, we capture every detail right down to the finest brush stroke. Our professional scanning service enables us to reproduce an array of sizes, textures and shapes; we can scan artwork up to 8x8 feet! Thereafter, we are enthusiastic to offer our state of the art printing services to complete the reproduction process. Come visit us today for outstanding results in your fine art scanning and printing needs.


Scanning Service Includes:

  • 20 minute FREE consultation
  • Digitizing artwork
  • One time FREE of charge monitoring colour matching (max 30 min)
  • One high resolution printable file, .tif or .jpg format
  • One low resolution web based file .jpg format
  • Any additional requested files (additional charge in some cases)
  • Additional printable colour calibration (additional charge)
  • Print preparation is NOT included in the scanning service
  • Photoshop and image editing is NOT included in the scanning service

Scanned Image File Formats

We provide you with a 50 to 90 megapixel (or larger upon request) in 16-bit, Adobe RGB, .tiff OR .jpg file. For large format scanning, depending on the artworks size, a 360, 300 and 240 dpi file. One 1200 pixels/72dpi for internet usage. Upon request we also provide a 10-megabyte JPEG file, for submitting to online art stores such as Fine Art America at NO EXTRA COST.

Where We Scan Artwork

In our Burnaby location, we capture and digitize your image or artwork. Our studio is set up with a Cruse scanner, professional grade, accurate lighting system, set to capture your images colour as true as possible. Every piece of art is individually handled, to capture its texture and colour and maintain its original look in a digital format. Our large format scanners and our photography capturing methods, create a sharp image with more natural textures. For smaller artworks (up to 8.5”x11”) we may capture all the desired detail using our professional flatbed scanner.

How Long Scanning Takes

We require 3-5 business days for your order to be complete; we do not carry out same day jobs for scanning. In turn, you must leave your original with us for that period of time. However, there are exceptions for highly valuable pieces of artwork or documents (museum standards) that can’t be outside of a specialized casing for more than 24 hours. For same day scans regarding valuable artwork please ask for our different chart of pricing.

Scanned Files Ownership

We believe strongly in customer trust and satisfaction. Some companies do not share printable files with customers to ensure that printing jobs remain under the jurisdiction of their companies. At ABC Fine ART, we acknowledge your scanned files as your property. Printing services are available if you choose to print with us.

Please Note:

  • Please note that our minimum size for scanning orders is 8x10″
  • To assure the quality of the work, we highly recommend a print of any size upon scanning
  • Pricing for 3 optional 8x10" colour proofs is $52.50 – each additional proof is $17.50
  • Original images that are currently framed and must be removed from the frame for scanning are charged $30
  • Colour proofs are printed on 8.5x11 matte paper
  • The customer is responsible for insuring all artwork left with ABC Fine ART Printing
  • When artwork are shipped to be scanned at our facilities, the customer is responsible for shipping and insurance

Art Scanning Services Terms and Conditions

By Accepting our special prices for scanning services You Agree:

  1. ABC Fine ART offers a high resolution printing file in .tif OR .jpeg format and a low resolution .jpeg file for web publication. Any extra files may subject to additional fees.
  2. ABC Fine ART offers up to 30 minutes FREE of charge for colour correction for scanned files. Hourly rate fees may apply to extra advanced colour correction or image editing.
  3. After client confirms scanned files, additional colour correction or image editing will apply hourly rate charges.
  4. The scanned files will be accessible to download onto any device from a Dropbox link for three (3) months.
  5. If a backup or entire file is lost by the client, there may be charges involved for the file recovery.
  6. ABC Fine ART reserves the right to keep a backup of all scanned files, always.
  7. ABC Fine ART offers each client 20 min FREE of charge consultation, any extra time may be subject to an hourly rate fee.
  8. ABC Fine ART reserves the right to use scans to showcase its' work for marketing purposes, including both digital and print formats. If client don’t agree to this term the full price of scanning and colour matching will be charged.

Where To Bring Your Artwork

You can bring in your artwork to our location in Burnaby, if you are not able to do so you can mail it to us. Please allow 5 business days after receiving your artwork for colour matching and correcting. We strongly recommend insuring your artwork before sending it.

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