If you’re looking for a unique way to capture special family moments, you should know that family portraits and candid family photographs look amazing when they are printed on archival canvas. We’ve created an online shopping interface that is so easy to use. It’s possible to place an order for an archival canvas print within minutes, and you’ll be pleased to know that our prices are very competitive. In return for your modest financial investment, you’ll receive a gorgeous canvas print that you may treasure for a lifetime. Our colour canvas prints last for over two hundred years, while our black-and-white prints last for 400 years.

These Canvas Prints Are Fun To Display

canvas prints Vancouver and canvas Burnaby There are so many fun and attractive ways to display these elegant archival canvases. Some clients go for bigger sizes and then hang the family pictures in their living rooms, dining rooms or entryways. Others choose smaller sizes and display their family portraits and candid pictures on mantles, tables or floating shelves. One on-trend option is choosing a large canvas print and leaning it up against a wall. This gives a casual, unstudied look that’s very fresh and modern. To make the most of the leaning option, you may want to opt for a couple of large canvases, rather than just one. Lean them side-by-side, against a wall, and then enjoy a fascinating backdrop that honours your family…and becomes a dazzling focal point in a room.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Size Options

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Whether you want a canvas print that’s small in scale or prefer something much larger, or want something in the medium size range, you’ll find that we provide a wealth of options. Choose from:
  • 8 X 10
  • 8 X 12
  • 12 X 12
  • 12 X 18
  • 16 X 16
  • 16 X 20
  • 18 X 24
  • 20 X 30
  • 30 X 40
  • 36 X 48
We are able to print even larger. If you want a print with dimensions bigger than 36 X 48, contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Our Canvas Prints Have Special Features

Our team members print on premium canvas. They utilize genuine-pigment archival inks and a printing method known as Giclée to create works of art that last for over a century. The Giclée printing process is something that our talented and dedicated team members have mastered. This process results in top-quality prints. Canvas prints are beautiful because they offer three-dimensional “feel”. When you look at a canvas print, you’ll find that your viewing experience is very fulfilling. Canvas is the perfect material for family photos, as it offers a vast colour gamut, as well as a high white point. With our canvas prints, we turn family photos into masterpieces.  With this type of print, you won’t need to display it in a frame, behind a layer of glass or acrylic. It will look perfect without any sort of glazing and frame.

Why Not Order a Canvas Print Today?

Ordering a canvas print will be such a simple and straightforward process. As long as you have a digital file of your family photograph, you’ll be able to place an order in minutes. If you don’t have a digital photo, come and see us. We scan non-digital photos, enhance them with software darkroom technology (if they need it) and then print them on archival canvas. If you have any questions about our archival canvas prints, please reach out. We’re standing by to answer all of your questions. Contact us by phone or email, or come see us at our Burnaby location. We encourage you to order canvas prints online today – you’ll love their beauty, longevity and rich dimension.