Trish Clarke-Jennings - Press Release - 2014

ABC Fine ART Gallery presents


An Exhibition of Floral Paintings by 


RECEPTION: Thursday, June 5th, 5:00-7:30 pm
20573 Fraser Hwy, Langley, B.C.



Trish Clarke-Jennings fine art artist, who loves nature and does floral and landscape painting. She also loves figurative work. Trish attended Kwantlen Collage and the Academy of Art. She spends her days exploring ways to use her creative materials in unique ways. Trish loves organic shapes, the elegance and flow of the floral petals and the human form. She is always exploring ideas of how to engage the viewer emotionally. She has been influenced by Georgia O’Keefe and Emily Carr.

In 2010 she left her import and export business to become a full time artist.Trish lives and works in Southern BC, Canada. She is proudly a supporter of Canadian Cancer Society. All profits of her reproductions are donated to this organization. Her original art can be found at ABC Fine ART Gallery.

Artist Statement

The visual vocabulary I’m using is from the perspective of an ant. To explore what it would be like it curl up amongst the fragrant, voluptuous, intensely colourful petals of a flower. As part of the creative process I am wondering how I can engage the viewer is this visual dance and what there reaction will be, how it will effect them visually and emotionally. Can the viewer feel the joy I found in creating this piece? The romance, the intoxication in the form and beauty that each blossom holds. Once I decide on the subject I carefully draw out each blossom to make  sure the composition works. At this point I try to pause and see if the painting has anything that it needs to say to me. The drawing looks different on a large scale and has a different feeling about it, I pause and listen. I wonder if I was to add silver leaf, or leave a part out of focus, what would that look like? I wonder. Then I move right into painting, not wanting to stop, just going with the flow, enjoying the dance! After this I slow down and continue to carefully refine each stage, to the finish.