Toby Malek is a versatile artist and thinker. He employs a variety of media from paint to video and installation art. He studied under Professor Weibel, an internationally recognized media artist and media art theorist in Austria. In 2003, Toby received his Masters Degree in Art from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Being an artist, in Toby’s opinion, brings with it many responsibilities. A true artist allows his craft to affect him on the most basic of levels – how you think, how you connect with your environment, how you feel and most importantly, what you have to provide to the world. As a thinker, Toby sees the problems of our time and tries to highlight these issues in his art. He wants his work to inspire us to think, and to take responsibility for our life on earth and for our future. Art is as much a part of Toby as are his mind and his heart. In a world dominated by pixel and digital information, Toby tries to employ all kinds of media, traditional and new, to transfer his messages through art, which will live on forever. Self-described as a World Citizen, Toby currently lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. His artwork has been exhibited in Austria, Germany and the UK. youth-art-classes-ABCfineART-2014-12 polar-ice-bears-toby-malek youth-art-classes-ABCfineART-2014-28