From my earliest years I have had a passionate interest in ships and the sea, and with a budding talent for art set out early on to depict these – initially with pencil and crayons and later with paint and canvas.

In my younger years I spent a few years at sea, which definitely changed my perspective and my style of painting. The experiences of shipboard life, the grandeur of seas and oceans with their ever changing moods, combined with studying the work of excellent marine artists (classic as well as contemporary) caused me to look at marine art in a whole different light.

Their mastery of depicting sea and skies and brilliant use of colour and light became for me an artistic goal worth striving for.

To ultimately create a masterpiece is every artist’s dream, but by diligently combining my passion for the subject and continually strengthening my artistic abilities, it is my fervent hope that this will be evident to you the viewer. May it open your horizons to the marvels of the maritime world, both human made and those of divine origin.

Enjoy my art, become a collector and join me on my journey.