Discover Our Hospitality Framing Services

Our framing company serves hospitality industry clients in the Greater Vancouver area. When you connect with our team today, you’ll receive professional service. Your framed photos, prints or paintings will add style and character to your restaurant, bar, hotel or motel. They will also stand the test of time. You’ll find that choosing our respected company is the key to showcasing photographs or art to best advantage. Our framing services for the hospitality industry are popular. We are pleased to provide custom framing of superb quality for competitive rates. Choose us for custom frames which highlight the beauty of photos, artwork or art prints, while also protecting them from moisture, dust and fading. If you need artwork, too, no problem. We have an extensive gallery of art and photos that you may choose from. Choose an image that fits your vision for your eatery, bar or hotel and we’ll print it on your preferred medium, before adding a custom frame. Since we provide a gallery of attractive images by gifted Canadian artists and photographers, in addition to art and photo scanning, fine art/photo printing and custom framing, we are able to handle hospitality framing projects, regardless of their scope and scale. Whether you need frames alone, or prints and frames, we will deliver results that impress you and your guests.  

We Understand Your Needs

As a hospitality industry owner or manager, you need to hire a framing company that you can really trust. We have plenty of experience with framing projects for hospitality clients. When you place your trust in us today, you’ll receive your frames on time, within budget.

We Provide Free Consultations

We encourage you to visit us for a free consultation. Our framing experts are always standing by to offer guidance and advice to hospitality clients. Our free, no-obligation consultations are available at our retail outlet, which is conveniently located on the border of Burnaby and Vancouver. We are open Monday to Friday, from 9:30 to 6:00 p.m. If you’d rather we come to you, no problem. Call or email and we’ll arrange to send one of our master framers to your location. Your consultation will still be free.

How It All Works

During your abcfineart free consultation, you may share your vision with our expert. You may bring a drawing along that illustrates what you want, or explain just by chatting with us. After our expert learns what you want, you’ll be offered suggestions. For example, if you need prints and frames, our pro will recommend suitable art or photo prints, on mediums that suit your budget. We print on archival canvas, as well as a variety of top-quality fine art papers and photo papers from Epson. We also face-mount prints on acrylic, aluminum and acrylic.  Our expert will also offer framing suggestions that are so practical. You’ll be able to decide what goes into every layer of your frames. If you don’t want to make so many decisions, we will decide for you, based on your vision and budget. It’s up to you how much support you want during the decision-making process.  Once we have a plan and costing for your project, which you have approved, we’ll move forward and deliver results on time. If you need preservation picture framing, we offer that service. We provide all of the custom framing services that hospitality industry owners and managers want and need.

Please Contact Us Today

Now that you know more about abcfineart and our custom framing services for Greater Vancouver hospitality businesses, why not get in touch today? We think that you’ll appreciate our skill, professionalism, artistry and dedication, whether you need simple frames or frames which are more elaborate. Choose us for Vancouver hospitality framing that is beyond compare.