Paul w Sharpe portraitPaul W Sharpe, aka The Wizard of Wonders, is an abstract visual artist. His pieces are about deep thinking dimensions, which can take  viewers into other spaces, other dimensions of our brain by employing bright geometrical elements. Aesthetics and composition are an important facet of Paul’s abstract photography. The viewers mind is captivated by intense colours and chaotic space.  Paul uses the camera and photo manipulation in a way most people wouldn’t imagine. His love for photography and nature can be seen throughout his work as he captures wild life and landscapes around him. It is an escape from city life and where he finds most of his inspiration for his art. He has been awarded numerous times for his photographic art by different National competitions and is acknowledged in major international photography associations. His images have been  internationally featured on book covers, directory’s and even candy wrappers. His art has been in numerous galleries and exhibitions. He lives in the Philippines and British Columbia where he has a studio in Cloverdale, B.C., Canada.


Crescent Beach Black and White Invitational 2014 Canadian Association for Photographic Art ~ Silver medal ~ “High Rises of Bangkok” Celebration of Nature Photography 2013” Competition Category 2: Mammals – First Place – “Bison Feeding by the River” 2012 CAPA Pacific Zone Print Challenge Canadian Association for Photographic Art ~ Gold medal ~ “Walt Disney Curves” Finalist in the 2012 Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and exhibition owned by the Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife Magazine. Abstract art - Paul W. Sharpe - Wizard of Wonders - The  Xpinsion - No-1-1400 Abstract-art-Paul-W-Sharpe-Wizard-of-Wonders-The-Whuned-No-5-1440 Abstract-art-Paul-W-Sharpe-Wizard-of-Wonders-The-Whuned-No-1-Panoramic-1440 Abstract-art-Paul-W-Sharpe-Wizard-of-Wonders-The-Whoned-No-8-panoramic-1440 Abstract-art-Paul-W-Sharpe-Wizard-of-Wonders-The-Whoned-No-4-1440 Abstract-art-Paul-W-Sharpe-Wizard-of-Wonders-The-Whoned-No-2-1440 Abstract-art-Paul-W-Sharpe-Wizard-of-Wonders-The-Quored-No-1-Panoramic-1440 Abstract-art-Paul-W-Sharpe-Wizard-of-Wonders-The-Ibboned-No-1-1440 Abstract-art-Paul-W-Sharpe-Wizard-of-Wonders-The-Abriced Abstract-art-Paul-W-Sharpe-Wizard-of-Wonders-as-Smart-Object