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Did you know that employees prefer to work in offices that feature artwork? According to, eighty-three percent of staff members feel that artwork is an important part of their work environments. Seventy-three percent of staff members felt that their experiences at work, and their perceptions of their workplaces, would change for the worse if artwork was taken away. Employees do care about art and want to work in pleasant environments where art is on display. Visitors to offices or retail environments also enjoy viewing art. When you choose the right archival prints for your commercial space, your employees will appreciate it and your clients will, too. With our archival printing service, it’s possible to upload an image of your choosing, select a print size and then receive a gorgeous print that won’t even need matting, glazing or framing to look its best. It may be displayed in its natural state. We offer a host of sizes to suit any space. When you order archival prints today, they’ll help you to boost creativity, employee efficiency and productivity. Investing in some elegant and inspiring archival prints will be a great way to boost the overall appeal of your office or retail outlet decor. To help our commercial clients, we offer an archival canvas printing service. Our archival prints look great without frames. However, we do offer custom framing if you prefer the look of a framed print. We also sell elegant framed prints at our Burnaby location, which are matted and glazed. They are ready for display. We encourage you to come in and check them out.   Art Provides Psychological Benefits Art offers proven psychological benefits, no matter where it’s displayed. So, professional art work is a superb investment for the office or the home. When people engage with visual art, they de-stress. Another advantage of viewing art is that it enhances empathy and memory, according to a University of Westminster study. During the study, participants who wandered an art gallery for only thirty-five minutes enjoyed lower cortisol levels afterwards. Cortisol is a stress hormone. Why Choose Archival Prints From ABC Fine Art? The archival prints that we produce are designed to last for generations. They provide the most enduring quality. We print artwork or photographs on canvas, using an Epson Stylus Pro printer, as well as Epson Ultra-Chrome HDR inks. We’ve chosen this system due to its superior print permanence and color performance. If you choose color prints for your office, they’ll last for over a century. If you opt for black and white, your prints will last for two hundred years. The prints that we produce are vivid. We finish each print with a satin finish of museum grade. Now that you know more about our archival prints, as well as some excellent reasons to add art to your commercial space, why not check out our archival printing service today? You’ll find that using our online shopping interface is a total breeze. If you’d rather discuss your needs with us in person before ordering, or would like to check out the archival prints that are available for sale at our Burnaby retail outlet, please come and see us. We’re standing by to help you add beauty, ambiance and character to your commercial space. We also provide art scanning Vancouver services. We are the only Vancouver print shop and gallery which offers Cruse scanner services.