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Create Seamless Modern Art With Acrylic Prints

Printing your photos on acrylic creates of vivid and eye catching image. The combination of super vivid printing and the perspective of depth behind the acrylic creates an incredible vibrancy to your photo that really makes it pop. If you are looking for a medium that will give your images maximum punch, this is definitely it.
At ABC Fine ART we print your image onto Premium Metallic or Luster photo paper. The photo is then face mounted onto the back of a 99.99% optically pure, cast 1/4″ acrylic sheet also known as plexiglass, giving your image a stunning 3D effect. For extra longevity and protection against moisture and handling, we layer the backside of the print with a white stability board.

Once the acrylic photo mount is ready we make sure every detail is perfect by either polishing the edges to a crystal clear sheen giving a seamless image reflection, or the edges are beveled and finished off with your choice of edge color.

Hanging Options – Display Your Acrylic Prints

Our sleek aluminum hanging rails are attached to the back of the acrylic art (inset and hidden from site) and once hung gives you the illusion that the image is floating off the wall.


Face Mounting or what was known as “Diasec” was developed in Europe in 1969. This process involves carefully pasting an image to a clear covering such as Plexiglass. Like many practises the process has been modified and refined over time and has recently become quite popular due to its beautiful display.
Face Mounting permanently secures your image to the Plexi. When the light hits your artwork the light refracts through the acrylic illuminating the whole image causing your image to appear sharper, crisp and vibrant.
Popular in Europe, Face Mounting is fairly new to North America. It offers artists and art supporters a new look for their digital prints. This type of printing is best for high contrast photographs such as night scenes, and fashion photography due to its visually striking results.