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Are you an avid writer, blogger, web extraordinaire? We’re looking to come together with other creatives to bring more movement to our presence on the web. Through collaboration, we can generate growth in the art community at large and bring people into an exciting world where traditional practices meet new age technology. While we appreciate the advancements of business through the online world, we also uphold the need to interact on a more personal and human level with like minded individuals. We strive to bring more awareness and attention to the arts community in Greater Vancouver and British Columbia as a whole, although we are open to distant affiliates. All of our different platforms can be utilized to connect people to ideas, inspiration and services right in their own backyard.

Are you a resident of BC or another province in Canada and a passionate creator? If you have your own online presence and want to extend/share networks you may be the perfect fit for our affiliate program. If you’re interested in understanding more about the inner workings of our affiliate programs, please contact us at:

Telephone: +1-604-299-0203
Email: [email protected]